Enabling narratives for Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge
Published: 2021-11-11

Storytelling, as spoken or written narratives, is an effective way to convey complex or abstract ideas. We have developed narratives about different ways of achieving EBM. They are based on…

Environment Māori Sustainability

Supporting the homeless: Let’s keep the ball rolling.

By: Male Room Inc.
Published: 2021-10-08

A project detailing the findings from interviewing 26 homeless men and women in Nelson and Blenheim. They were interviewed to surface what they felt were the areas they needed support…


Life Unlimited Enabling Good Lives (EGL) Evaluation

By: Imagine Better
Published: 2021-09-19

Life Unlimited secured funding from the Lotteries Commission to complete an evaluation of some of their services. The purpose of the evaluation was to use the EGL vision and principles…


Understanding welfare sanctions in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Beneficiary Advisory Service
Published: 2021-08-09

This research project sought to understand the circumstances behind MSD-applied sanctions and the impact of sanctions on beneficiaries in New Zealand. We found that research participants lacked an adequate understanding…


Mapping the Landscape: How to Talk About Systems Change in Aotearoa, New Zealand, 2021

By: The Workshop: Jordan Green, Dr Sharon Bell, Marianne Elliot, Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw.
Published: 2021-08-01

This report is for knowledge holders, communicators, advocates, non-government service providers and designers working on the changes that will make the biggest difference for whānau, communities, and the planet. Central…

Advocacy Community Development Research & Evaluation
Law & Justice

Ten Key Issues and Recommendations to the OHCHR for Addressing Police Brutality and Racism

By: Conflict Scholars Collective for Healing and Racial Reconciliation
Published: 2020-12-08

This research has identified ten issues and recommendations to contribute to the OHCHR’s timely report on systemic racism and police brutality.

Human Rights & Civil Liberties Peace, Violence & Conflict Resolution

African Philosophy: An analysis of its existence as Ubuntu among the ovaHerero people

By: Paulus Kapepu
Published: 2020-01-14

Research project for my undergraduate degree. Researching on African philosophy, Ubuntu and the ovaHerero people

Language and Culture Race & Ethnicity Research & Evaluation

Counting Ourselves: The health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

By: Veale J, Byrne J, Tan K, Guy S, Yee A, Nopera T & Bentham R
Published: 2019-12-02

Counting Ourselves is the first comprehensive national survey of the health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people living in Aotearoa New Zealand and was conducted from 21 June till…

Health & Wellbeing Human Rights & Civil Liberties Rainbow/LGBTIQA+

The People’s Report on the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals – An alternate report for Aotearoa New Zealand (2019)

By: Dr Gill Greer and Moko Morris.
Published: 2019-11-01

The purpose of the People’s Report is to provide a range of views about Aotearoa New Zealand’s progress on the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These come…

Community Development Human Rights & Civil Liberties Research & Evaluation

Domestic violence against ethnic women: Literature review

By: Shakti Community Council Inc.
Published: 2019-06-02

The research has been commissioned by Shakti Community Council Inc. This is a literature review on violence against ethnic women especially in NZ. It also explores the possible responses to…

Family Violence & Abuse Race & Ethnicity Women/Wāhine

The word from the street: The views of homeless men on a supportive pathway forward.

By: David Mitchell
Published: 2018-10-12

A group of 30 homeless men were interviewed about their background, experience of services and their hopes for the future.

Addiction - Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling Homelessness Men
People and Society

Ngā Kōrero Hauora o Ngā Taiohi; A community-powered report on conversations with 1000 young people about wellbeing

By: Laura O'Connell Rapira
Published: 2018-08-28

In 2018, the government announced plans to develop a Child Wellbeing Strategy to make New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child. While this is an…

Advocacy Children & Youth Health & Wellbeing

The Need for an Organ Donation Policy Change: A Sensible Choice with Minimal Risk

By: Molly Brownfield
Published: 2018-06-27

Mandated organ donation would greatly increase the overall functionality and wellbeing of populations in the United States. It therefore should be considered to change the current default from having to…

Action Research Health & Wellbeing Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Ethnicity and Diversity

Refugee-focused service providers: improving the welcome in New Zealand

By: Alison McIntosh and Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten
Published: 2018-05-07

When refugees are resettled into a destination, refugee-focused service providers offer frontline services to ease refugees’ experiences of trauma and marginalisation, providing advocacy and welcome through reception processes, translation services,…

Human Rights & Civil Liberties Migrants and Former Refugees Social Services
Ethnicity and Diversity


By: The Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research Victoria University of Wellington Colleen Ward with Jason Lescelius Amanda Jack Reneeta M. Naidu and Elizabeth Weinberg
Published: 2018-03-14

In pursuing their purpose of supporting migrants, former refugees, and people from minority ethnicities with their settlement processes, the Nelson Multicultural Council contracted the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research at…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Migrants and Former Refugees

Why aren’t men more active in supporting family violence campaigns?

By: David Mitchell & Philip Chapman
Published: 2017-10-06

A project looking at men’s awareness of and potential engagement in the prevention of family violence.

Family Violence & Abuse Health & Wellbeing Men
Ethnicity and Diversity

Making Relationships Count – Exploring how Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand can use monitoring and evaluation to develop trust-based relationships with tangata whenua partners

By: Gretchen Leuthart
Published: 2016-05-12

Relationships are central to effective outcomes in the international development sector yet, there are very few frameworks or indicators to help measure the quality of trust – as the foundation…

Community Development Indigenous Partnerships

Gender Dysphoria

By: Ryan
Published: 2015-12-03

Those diagnosed with gender dysphoria count themselves among the largely diverse transgender community. Gender dysphoria is a treatable disorder that occurs when an individual’s gender identity doesn’t match what was…

Advocacy Human Rights & Civil Liberties Rainbow/LGBTIQA+

ANZTSR 2014 Recounting food banking: A paradox of counterproductive growth

By: Kahurangi Dey & Maria Humphries
Published: 2014-11-18

The meteoric rise of food bank use in times of prosperity leads us to argue that food banks are institutionalised within New Zealand society with texts reflecting civic, market and…

Poverty and Inequality Social Services Welfare & Benefits

ANZTSR 2014 Rogue NGOs and NPOs: Content, Context, Consequences

By: Sharon Eng
Published: 2014-11-18

This paper explores the key components of dysfunctional, criminal and deviant behaviours within and by associational and not-for-profit organisations, and their consequences in terms of practice, application and policy.

Advocacy Economics & Finances Non-profit Sector
Ethnicity and Diversity

Global trends and refugee settlement in New Zealand

By: J Marlowe & S Elliott
Published: 2014-09-23

Resettlement provides access to rights similar to other New Zealanders and the opportunity to eventually gain citizenship. It also provides an avenue for countries like New Zealand to share international…

Government – Central & Local Human Rights & Civil Liberties Migrants and Former Refugees
Law & Justice

Protecting the Vulnerable: An Independent Review of NZ’s laws on trafficking, slavery & exploitation

By: Justice Acts New Zealand
Published: 2014-08-25

This is a legal review of all laws touching on the issue of human trafficking, slavery and labour exploitation in New Zealand. It makes recommendations for legislative and policy changes…

Crime & Safety Human Rights & Civil Liberties Law & Justice
People and Society

Understanding and accelerating community-led development in Aotearoa New Zealand.

By: Inspiring Communities
Published: 2013-06-30

This document is the final accountability report for a Lottery Community Sector Research Fund grant for Inspiring Communities to contribute to “understanding and accelerating community-led development in Aotearoa/New Zealand”. This…

Community Development Research & Evaluation

TPA (CHCH) Rental Survey 2013

By: Tenants Protections Association (Christchurch) Inc.
Published: 2013-06-27

The TPA rental survey is a response to the concerns expressed by many tenants across Canterbury with increased rents and the poor quality of their rental housing post-earthquakes. This report…

Economics & Finances Emergency & Disaster Homelessness

What’s Broken is the We — some thoughts on creativity for the common good

By: vivian Hutchinson
Published: 2013-04-01

Based on his keynote speech given to the New Zealand Creativity Challenge held in New Plymouth 27-28 April 2013, this paper explores role of creativity, community and citizenship. The paper…

Advocacy Community Development Non-profit Sector

Fears, constraints, and contracts: The democratic reality for New Zealand’s community and voluntary sector

By: Dr Sandra Grey and Dr Charles Sedgwick
Published: 2013-03-26

The important role of community and voluntary sector organisations to democratic debate and policy development is widely acknowledged by governments, academics, and the sector itself. However, our survey of 153…

Advocacy Volunteering & Mahi Aroha

New delivery model for non-profit organisations: Shared computing services

By: Barbara Crump and Raja Peter
Published: 2013-03-13

This paper presents results of a survey of Wellington non-profit organisations (NPOs) with the aim of understanding the interest and readiness of NPOs in adopting shared computing services. The survey…

Information Technology/Internet Intellectual & Cultural Property Rights Non-profit Sector
Non-profit Sector

Advocacy in the New Zealand Not for Profit Sector” Nothing Stands By Itself

By: Susan Elliott and David Haigh
Published: 2013-01-01

This research focuses on the nature of Government/Not for Profit (NFP) sector relationships with particular reference to advocacy in New Zealand. It follows up on a study of advocacy in…

Advocacy Government – Central & Local Non-profit Sector
Law & Justice

Time for change: A framework for community discussion on values-based and Treaty-based constitutional arrangements

By: Peace Movement Aotearoa
Published: 2012-12-30

While the thought of a discussion on constitutional matters may seem daunting and far removed from daily life, the exercise of public power has a direct impact on us all…

Community Development Law & Justice Te Tiriti O Waitangi

Moving beyond love and luck: building right relationships and respecting lived experience in New Zealand autism policy

By: Hilary Stace
Published: 2012-12-19

PhD thesis in Public Policy which looks at the policy problems arising from the rapidly increasing diagnoses of autism in recent decades. Considers history and construction of the concept of…

Advocacy Children & Youth Disability Families, Whānau and Parenting Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation Social Services

Older People’s Health & Housing: Health and Disability Sector NGO Working Group paper

By: Grant Aldridge (NGO Secretariat)
Published: 2012-08-08

In mid-2012, the NGO Health and Disability Network explored older people’s health issues and the current role of the non-profit sector. By sharing these findings, the Network hopes to help…

Ageing & Retirement Health & Wellbeing Non-profit Sector

Refugee Health Care: A Handbook for Health Professionals

By: Dr Annette Mortensen, Dr William Rainger, Sally Hughes
Published: 2012-06-01

In the 10 years since the publication of the first refugee health handbook there have been considerable steps taken toward improving long-term settlement outcomes for refugees settled in New Zealand.…

Advocacy Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees
Non-profit Sector

Advocacy in the New Zealand Not for Profit Sector

By: Susan Elliott and David Haigh
Published: 2012-05-01

The research focuses on the nature of Government/Not for Profit sector relationships with particular to advocacy in New Zealand. It looks at the kinds of advocacy activities that NFPs organisations…

Advocacy Non-profit Sector

Advocacy and Policy Change Evaluation: A Brief Overview

By: Kathryn Nemec
Published: 2011-10-01

This short literature review about evaluating advocacy and policy change work is designed to be of use to advocacy organisations and funders.

Advocacy Research & Evaluation

Gisborne Voter Participation Project: Evaluation report

By: Ka Pai Kaiti Charitable Trust
Published: 2011-05-06

Ka Pai Kaiti facilitated a project to increase voter turnout and participation in the local council and district health board elections in Gisborne 2010. The purpose of research project was…

Action Research Human Rights & Civil Liberties Research & Evaluation

Talk about poverty: Reporting back and moving forward

By: Rose Black & Anna Cox
Published: 2011-05-01

Poverty is experienced in many different ways and certainly involves much more than a lack of money or even economic power. This report brings together stories of the ways in…

Community Development Poverty and Inequality
Pacific Peoples

Celebrating Gifted Indigenous Roots: Gifted and Talented Pacific Island (Pasifika) Students

By: Taemanuolo Faaea-Semeatu
Published: 2011-03-07

This article came about because it was initially a workshop presented at the AAEGT biennial conference held in Darling Harbour, Sydney in 2010. I was asked to convert the workshop…

Children & Youth Education & Training Pasifika
Ethnicity and Diversity

The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Journey – Part One: Pre-departure

By: Vasantha Krishnan, Elizabeth Plumridge and Beth Ferguson
Published: 2011-01-01

The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Research is following a group of Bhutanese refugees from camps in Nepal through to settlement in New Zealand. The research involves three phases of data collection.…

Law & Justice Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Journey – Part Two: On Arrival

By: Beth Ferguson, Elizabeth Plumridge and Vasantha Krishnan
Published: 2011-01-01

The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Research Programme is following a group of Bhutanese refugees from camps in Nepal through to settlement in New Zealand. The research involves three phases of data…

Law & Justice Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Journey – Part Three: Settlement

By: Beth Ferguson
Published: 2011-01-01

The Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement Research follows a group of Bhutanese refugees from camps in Nepal through to settlement in New Zealand. The research involves three phases of data collection. The…

Law & Justice Migrants and Former Refugees

Wellington Refugee Youth Issues Summary: Backgrounder for Wellington people working with refugee-background youth

By: Tessa Johnstone & Muigai Kimani
Published: 2010-06-25

This backgrounder is a starting point. The Refugee Youth Action Group (Wellington) is made up of government and non-government agencies keen to see action on the issues so refugee-background youth…

Children & Youth Migrants and Former Refugees

From Talk to Action – Government Engagement with Citizens and Communities

By: Building Better Government Engagement Reference Group
Published: 2009-07-01

The Building Better Government Engagement (BBGE) project seeks to identify actions for building skills, knowledge and values in the public service about effective engagement with citizens and communities. This report…

Advocacy Government – Central & Local Research & Evaluation

Let History be the Judge: or sex, drugs and jelly rolls.

By: Pat Hanley
Published: 2009-05-08

Paper presented to the Annual Conference of Diabetes NZ.Assesses the role of Civil society and organisations like Diabetes NZ as agents of social and moral change. Draws on 250 years…

Advocacy Health & Wellbeing

Refugees as ‘Others’: Social and cultural citizenship rights for refugees in NZ health services

By: Mortensen, A.C.
Published: 2008-03-09

Citizenship, as effective social, cultural and economic participation for refugee groups, depends on appropriate institutional structures and processes in resettlement societies. This thesis using critical social theoretical perspectives addresses the…

Health & Wellbeing Human Rights & Civil Liberties Migrants and Former Refugees

Let’s Move – from Rights to Ethics

By: Katherine Peet
Published: 1996-01-01

This paper explores the case for a move away from the current individual rights system of social relationships. The goal is to put in place a community ethics-based system which…

Intellectual & Cultural Property Rights Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
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