This report is for knowledge holders, communicators, advocates, non-government service providers and designers working on the changes that will make the biggest difference for whānau, communities, and the planet. Central to this aim, we were interested in what we could understand about systems change from kaupapa Māori and other Indigenous perspectives, in order to find messages that would resonate more strongly here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The purpose of the report is:

To build a shared understanding of what systems change means among our communities of practice.

To lift the public’s gaze to systems and how they can support the changes that will have the greatest impact for the people and communities we work with.

To be able to clearly communicate the impact and process of systems change work with funders, decision-makers and our communities. It is a Peter McKenzie Project-funded collaboration between The Workshop, Tokona Te Raki and The Southern Initiative, and was developed from a literature review, five knowledge holder interviews and The Workshop’s unique evidence-based framework of narratives for change.


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The Workshop: Jordan Green, Dr Sharon Bell, Marianne Elliot, Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw.
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framing; messaging, communication; systems change;
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