Our Supporters

Community Research is a registered charity funded through donations and grants. Our services are provided free of charge for the benefit of the tangata whenua, voluntary and community sector.  

Communities in Aotearoa are rich in diverse knowledge. Our role is to amplify community research and share it with others to bring about positive change. All research and resources are open access and available for free – removing barriers to make community-led research more accessible. 

Our small, dedicated team of kaimahi work hard to ensure all contributions go a long way. 

We are grateful to everyone who plays a role in supporting us to achieve our vision of a more equitable, engaged and inclusive Aotearoa informed by community knowledge. 

Together we can achieve greater impact and bring about positive change. 

Our Community Supporters 

Our community supporters are champions of our mahi.  They follow us on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, are engaged with our content, and share our resources with others, promoting inclusion and equity. 

Our Researchers 

Our research collection is due thanks to the many community researchers, working in and with communities across the motu, who share their research with us.  

Thank you for the work you do in gathering community aspirations and knowledge and sharing your research on our platform.  

We are grateful to the community knowledge holders who engage with us, sharing their insights and diverse perspectives. Thank you for your open kōrero that adds to the tapestry of knowledge we hold.  

Our Members 

Our members are advocates of our kaupapa and the positive change for Aotearoa that we seek to achieve through amplifying community-led research, diverse voices and and ways of knowing. 

If you’d like join our member whanau please follow this link to find out more about becoming a member with us. 

Our Funders 

Our funders play a vital role in our ability to bring about positive change. Thanks to a shared commitment for creating a bright future for Aotearoa, we are fortunate to hold funding relationships that provide financial stability, enable our day to day operations (keeping the lights on and our websites running) as well as funding strategic projects that grow our impact. 

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