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Rangatahi Evaluation Project

By: Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust
Published: 2022-09-14

The aim of the Rangatahi Evaluation research project was to explore the present status of rangatahi who previously accessed training programmes provided by Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust. The Project…


Horizontal methodologies in community interpreting studies: Conducting research with Latin American service users in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Agustina Marianacci
Published: 2022-08-12

Community interpreting norms and research have been heavily influenced by a Western-centric community of practitioners and an individualist, positivist philosophy. This has resulted not only in an entrenched emphasis on…

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Ethnicity and Diversity

Being a language learner—Is that all there is?

By: Jinah Lee
Published: 2022-08-11

Asian migrants are inevitably categorised as language learners. At times, it is the migrant’s own definition and can be used as a support. At others, it is an imposition in…

Ethnicity and Diversity

Story Sharing in Narrative Research

By: Jinah Lee
Published: 2022-08-11

Researchers using a narrative approach largely acknowledge their role in the process of the unfolding or telling of their participants’ narratives, and the fact that their positioning as researchers results…

People and Society

West 5: 4 Trauma – an action research project report

By: Janette Searle
Published: 2022-06-30

West 5: 4 Trauma is an action research project that looks at a model for trauma sensitive schooling within 5 different primary schools in West Auckland. The project used a…

Action Research Community Development Education & Training
People and Society

Volunteers Enriching Education in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Tania Jones and Karen A. Smith
Published: 2022-06-20

In an online survey of New Zealand’s early childhood education services, schools and kura in late 2021/early 2022, over 83% of respondents involve volunteers, with volunteers most important in primary…

Community Development Education & Training Volunteering & Mahi Aroha

Understanding sustainable behavioural change in Taranaki

By: Alexandra Vernal, Jamie Silk
Published: 2022-06-15

With funding from TOI Foundation, Sustainable Taranaki engaged in a 3-year research project to gain a deeper understanding of what drives sustainable behaviour change in our community and how to…

Non-profit Sector

Community Food Security in Te Awa Kairangi: Evaluation of Common Unity’s Food Hub

By: Phoebe Balle and Carolyn Watts
Published: 2022-05-27

Common Unity is a place-based charity which aims to regenerate communities. Common Unity is based in Epuni, a neighbourhood where many households experience high levels of deprivation. Common Unity’s Food…

Community & Place Food Security Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

Community perspectives and responses to potentially establishing an ethnic community–led research and evaluation centre

By: Fikun Trust
Published: 2022-05-09

This report presents the findings from a study conducted to get community perspectives and responses to potentially establishing an Ethnic Community-led Research and Evaluation Centre in Aotearoa, New Zealand. As…

Community & Place Race & Ethnicity Research & Evaluation
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