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Victims’ Voices: The Justice Needs and Experiences of New Zealand Serious Crime Victims

By: Petrina Hargrave
Published: 2019-08-29

In-depth interviews were conducted with 32 victims of serious crime in New Zealand to explore their experience of procedural justice and what justice meant to them. In the study, 68%…

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Law & Justice

Understanding the barriers and drivers for Māori to undertake succession to ownership of Māori Land

By: Sara Passmore
Published: 2018-09-23

This report focuses on understanding the barriers and drivers for Māori to undertake succession through the Māori Land Court (MLC) to become owners of Māori freehold or customary land (Māori…

Law & Justice Māori Whānau Ora
Law & Justice

Study of grandparents in family court proceedings over their grandchildren prior to the 2014 changes to the court

By: Liz Gordon
Published: 2016-11-16

Grandparents raising grandchildren are often required to formalise caregiver arrangements before they are given access to support. Our study examined those who went to court before and after the family…

Children & Youth Families, Whānau and Parenting Law & Justice
Ethnicity and Diversity

African youth experiences with the Police and the New Zealand justice system

By: Camille Nakhid
Published: 2016-03-24

This report details an investigation into the experiences of African youth with the police and the New Zealand justice system. The research study involved a survey design to collect quantitative…

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Law & Justice

Access to Justice for Beneficiaries: A Community Law Response

By: Community Law Canterbury
Published: 2014-10-31

This research examined the legal needs of beneficiaries and how community law centres can respond. Beneficiaries’ experiences of accessing welfare entitlements, reviewing and appealing benefit decisions to Medical Appeals Boards,…

Law & Justice Poverty and Inequality Welfare & Benefits
Law & Justice

Reintegration Services in the Canterbury Region

By: Howard League for Penal Reform, Canterbury
Published: 2014-09-03

This is a study undertaken by the Howard league for Penal Reform on reintegration services in teh Canterbury region. It is a multi faceted study involving interviews with prison and…

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Law & Justice

Protecting the Vulnerable: An Independent Review of NZ’s laws on trafficking, slavery & exploitation

By: Justice Acts New Zealand
Published: 2014-08-25

This is a legal review of all laws touching on the issue of human trafficking, slavery and labour exploitation in New Zealand. It makes recommendations for legislative and policy changes…

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Ethnicity and Diversity

The New Zealand Refugee Resettlement Strategy: implications for identity, acculturation and civic participation

By: Jay Marlowe, Allen Bartley, A. Hibtit
Published: 2014-08-20

The process of resettlement as a refugee often involves adapting to, and reconciling with, a new social reality. The complexities associated with acculturation across age, gender and family dynamics are…

Community Development Law & Justice Migrants and Former Refugees
Law & Justice

Time for change: A framework for community discussion on values-based and Treaty-based constitutional arrangements

By: Peace Movement Aotearoa
Published: 2012-12-30

While the thought of a discussion on constitutional matters may seem daunting and far removed from daily life, the exercise of public power has a direct impact on us all…

Community Development Law & Justice Te Tiriti O Waitangi
Te Ao Māori

Iwi and Māori Provider Success: A research report of interviews with successful Iwi and Māori providers and government agencies

By: Pipi, K., Cram, F., Hawke, R., Hawke, S., Huriwai, TeM., Keefe, V., Mataki, T., Milne, M., Morgan, K., Small, K., Tuhaka, H. & Tuuta, C.
Published: 2002-12-10

The successful delivery of services and programmes by Māori and iwi providers is key to building Māori community capacity and therefore in addressing Mäori/non-Māori disparities (across, for example, health, education,…

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