This report details an investigation into the experiences of African youth with the police and the New Zealand justice system. The research study involved a survey design to collect quantitative data on the demographics of the African youth and the frequency and nature of their encounters with the police, as well as the reasons for these encounters. The second stage of the survey was a series of focus group interviews with African youth who had had encounters with the police. There were eight focus groups with African youth including six male focus groups and two female focus groups. There was also a series of interviews carried out with seven African community leaders and social workers working with African youth. The research revealed, among other things, that African youth were subjected to name calling and racist abuse by the police, and that the youth believed that stereotypes held of them by the police saw many of them profiled and targeted in public spaces. The key objectives of the study were to draw attention to these encounters between the African youth and the police and New Zealand justice system in an effort to reduce the frequency and adverse outcomes of these encounters, and to recognize the negative impact of these encounters on African youth, their families and communities.


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Camille Nakhid
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African, youth, Police, New Zealand, justice system
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Camille Nakhid, Lemlem Azanaw, Kizito Essuman, Noah Ghebremichael, Marvin Mukuhi Kimata Kamau, Tasmine Kayitesi, Mandisi Majavu, Guled Mire, Mohamud Mohamed, Nikhat Moulvi, Rosemine Mutamuliza, Eti Puni (March 2016) African youth experiences with the Police and the New Zealand justice system.

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