Introducing Indigenist Critical Policy Analysis: A rights-based approach to analysing public policies and processes

By: Natalie Bryant
Published: 2024-07-01

This paper introduces Indigenist Critical Policy Analysis (ICPA), an adapation of Critical Tiriti Analysis for the Australian context. It takes the five-stage approach but adapts it with different assessment indicators…

Critical Tiriti Analysis Policy

Foodshed and Food System Analysis – Buller District

By: Dr Niki Bould, as lead researcher
Published: 2024-03-28

The Foodshed and Food System Analysis for the Buller district is part of a Local Food Economyinitiative. In providing insights into the foodshed and food system, KNECT (the local community…

Community & Place Food Security
Community Categories

Long Term Impacts of Youth Mentoring: A thematic analysis of interviews collected with previous mentees, mentors and mentee whānau of the Challenge for Change mentoring programme.

Published: 2023-11-01

Challenge for Change (C4C) is a mentoring programme run by BGI, a youth development organisation. C4C fosters mentoring partnerships between volunteer mentors and young people ages 9-13. This research aimed…


Critical Tiriti Analysis – other publications

Published: 2023-05-13

Recent research that is using CTA – published works. These articles are all currently on other websites – Under Review Came, H, Wilkinson, H, Berghan, G & Manson, L. (Under…


Manawatahi Participatory City Pilot – Six Month Learning Report

By: Hamish Lindop
Published: 2023-03-10

This is a six month strategic learning report sharing the findings from a pilot to test the Participatory City Approach in the Connected Communities Department of te Kaunihera o Tāmaki…

Arts and Culture

Availability and acceptability of interpreting services for refugees as a question of trauma- informed care

By: Alejandra González Campanella
Published: 2023-03-01

Refugee-background communities have been a significant part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s multicultural population for decades. Despite the documented relevance of communication for newly arrived refugees, local reports over the years…

Arts and Culture

Community Insights Report – The Turner Centre [2022-2023]

By: Research & report by Rangimārie Mules of the Oi Collective
Published: 2023-02-24

This report provides a range of key community and stakeholder insights from research that was conducted in the later part of 2022 (November-December). These insights provide the foundation for which…


Community Research Report : Housing Research in Aotearoa

By: Lydia Carson
Published: 2022-10-30

Community Research set out to create a Special Collection of individual research on housing in Aotearoa. We have gathered links to these existing external collections and used our resources to…

Non-profit Sector

Rangatahi Evaluation Project

By: Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust
Published: 2022-09-14

The aim of the Rangatahi Evaluation research project was to explore the present status of rangatahi who previously accessed training programmes provided by Silver Fern MotorSport Charitable Trust. The Project…

Refugee and Asylum seekers

Safe Start, Fair Future Report

By: Professor Jay Marlowe, Bernard Sama
Published: 2022-07-06

In March 2022, the government will review the New Zealand Refugee resettlement Strategy (NZRRS) for the first time in 10 years. This report responds to this opportunity and argues that…

Migrants and Former Refugees
People and Society

West 5: 4 Trauma – an action research project report

By: Janette Searle
Published: 2022-06-30

West 5: 4 Trauma is an action research project that looks at a model for trauma sensitive schooling within 5 different primary schools in West Auckland. The project used a…

Action Research Community Development Education & Training
Non-profit Sector

Community Food Security in Te Awa Kairangi: Evaluation of Common Unity’s Food Hub

By: Phoebe Balle and Carolyn Watts
Published: 2022-05-27

Common Unity is a place-based charity which aims to regenerate communities. Common Unity is based in Epuni, a neighbourhood where many households experience high levels of deprivation. Common Unity’s Food…

Community & Place Food Security Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Thematic Analysis – Kaikōura Community strategies and plans

By: Dr Jeff Foote
Published: 2022-05-05

This report sets out the findings of a thematic analysis of selected community strategies and plans and reflections from community stakeholder hui where the key findings were discussed. The report…

Community & Place Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

The Impact of Volunteering on a Young Person’s Life: A study into the SVA Service Award

By: Puck Algera
Published: 2022-03-31

The research looked into the SVA Service Award, a national framework for advancing secondary school student volunteering, to provide an in-depth insight into the benefits of youth volunteering, service and…

Children & Youth Community Development Health & Wellbeing Non-profit Sector Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
Non-profit Sector

Billy Graham Youth Foundation: Final Impact Evaluation Report

By: Point & Associates
Published: 2022-03-01

In 2021 the Billy Graham Youth Foundation (BGYF) had a network of 6 academies across New Zealand. 2021 was the third and final year of an evaluation to help the…


Life Unlimited Enabling Good Lives (EGL) Evaluation

By: Imagine Better
Published: 2021-09-19

Life Unlimited secured funding from the Lotteries Commission to complete an evaluation of some of their services. The purpose of the evaluation was to use the EGL vision and principles…


National estimates from the Youth ’19 Rangatahi smart survey: A survey calibration approach

By: C. Rivera-Rodriguez, T. C. Clark, T. Fleming, D. Archer, S. Crengle, R. Peiris-John, S. Lewycka
Published: 2021-05-14

Significant progress has been made addressing adolescent health needs in New Zealand, but monitoring and gathering high quality estimates of adolescent health and social issues remains challenging and resource intensive.…

Research & Evaluation

Evaluation of the The WaterBoy’s ‘Taku Wairua’ program

By: Te Tamawai Trust, Fiona McLeod, Erik Post
Published: 2021-01-31

This is paper is evaluation of the Taku Wairua programme to assess the diverse effects of the program and identify areas for improvement. Taku Wairua is a program designed to…

Children & Youth Health & Wellbeing Sport & Recreation

Project Matarau: Many faces, a common vision. 2018-2019. A Community Led Development Project from Potaka to Tokomaru Bay.”

By: Te Aroha Kanarahi Trust
Published: 2020-11-21

This community led development research supported locally based whanau and hapu to interact within their communities, to have dialogue and to draw out the richness of that dialogue, to share…

Action Research Community Development Kaupapa Māori approaches

Co-creating a large-scale adolescent health survey integrated with access to digital health interventions

By: Roshini Peiris-John, Lovely Dizon, Kylie Sutcliffe, Kristy Kang and Theresa Fleming
Published: 2020-08-25

Aim: This paper describes how we engaged with adolescents and health providers to integrate access to digital health interventions as part of a large-scale secondary school health and wellbeing survey…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation Substance Abuse

Youth19 – Youth Voice Brief

By: The Youth19 Research Group
Published: 2020-08-12

For the first time in a Youth2000 survey, Youth19 included open text questions inviting students to express their own views on key issues. In this brief we summarise their responses…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

Peer Support Provided to People with Newly Acquired Spinal Cord Impairment in NZ: Evaluation Report

By: Burwood Academy of Independent Living
Published: 2020-06-24

This work was a translational research project undertaken by Burwood Academy of Independent Living (BAIL) on behalf of the New Zealand Spinal Trust (NZST; based at the Burwood Spinal Unit,…

Disability Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation

2018 Non-Profit Institutions Satellite Account (NPISA) from Stats NZ

By: Charles Crothers
Published: 2020-04-20

Non-profit institutions satellite account (NPISA) provides information about the contribution non-profit institutions (NPIs) make to the New Zealand economy in 2018 and measures of volunteering and unpaid work. NPISA supplements…

Economics & Finances Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation

He oranga ngākau, he pikinga wairua – A pūrākau of He Kāinga Ora ki Ōtautahi Housing First Christchurch

By: Dr Helen Potter, Tīaho Limited
Published: 2020-02-29

In 2019, Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga – Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (the Ministry) engaged Tiaho Limited, a respected kaupapa Māori research, evaluation, and policy development group, to develop…

Community & Place Community Development Evaluation Homelessness Housing Insecurity Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation Social Services
Arts and Culture

The Effect Of Music On Medical Students’ life generally and academically in Karary University 2019/2020

By: Hamza Alleby, Aya Alkhalifa, Ashraf Gafna
Published: 2020-02-01

Introduction:Music is an art, whose medium is sound organized in time, however, playing music could make the listener a happier person as it releases pleasurable hormones and increases dopamine levels.Relaxing…

Arts & Culture Education & Training Research & Evaluation

African Philosophy: An analysis of its existence as Ubuntu among the ovaHerero people

By: Paulus Kapepu
Published: 2020-01-14

Research project for my undergraduate degree. Researching on African philosophy, Ubuntu and the ovaHerero people

Language and Culture Race & Ethnicity Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Aggression in primary stage school

By: Ali Ahmed Ali Badr
Published: 2019-12-01

There is no doubt that violence in primary stage is very common in many schools. This aggression can be verbal or physical. The verbal aggression is insulting a child in…

Children & Youth Education & Training Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Ngā Tau Mīharo ō Aotearoa : Incredible Years Parenting Programme Social Impact Report

By: Sneha Lakhotia
Published: 2019-10-01

This report provides robust evidence of the importance and impact of early intervention and parent management programmes for Māori. It is essential to make social investments into programmes such as…

Children & Youth Families, Whānau and Parenting Social Services

Wanaka Alcohol Group Evaluation Report 2019

By: Anna Williams
Published: 2019-09-30

This evaluation was conducted to understand the impact Wanaka Alcohol Group’s work is having in the Upper Clutha region. The intent of the evaluation was to also generate information that…

Addiction - Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling Research & Evaluation

My house, our house, their house: A case study of house sharing for the over 65s

By: Robyn Barry
Published: 2019-09-16

Societies are looking towards innovative ways of accommodating the increasing number of people reaching 65 and without the provision of home ownership. This research follows five years of the development…

Community Development Homelessness Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Upper Clutha Social Services Snapshot: Baseline survey results – Feb 2019

By: Vanessa Hammond & Kate Murray
Published: 2019-06-10

The Social Services Snapshot is a longitudinal survey of social services. It tracks the issues impacting both local social social services and their clients and identifies service gaps.

Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation Social Services
Te Ao Māori


By: Tessa Mackenzie on behalf of Katikati Taiao
Published: 2019-05-31

The Hearts and Minds of Katikati research project was conceived by the Katikati Taiao and supported with funding from the Lotteries commission. The Hearts and Minds research aims to provide…

Action Research Community Development Language and Culture

Hearts and Minds of Katikati – Ngā Ngākau me ngā Hinengaro o Katikati

By: Tessa Mackenzie (Lead Researcher) Jodie Robertson (Māori Researcher) David Aupapa (Facilitator) plus P O'Neil & theme leads from community
Published: 2019-05-30

The purpose of Katikati Taiao Hearts and Minds Research was to investigate the potential and possibilities for a reinvigorated community sense of identity and belonging. The research focused on whether…

Action Research Community Development

Randwick Park’s Neighbourhood-led DNA: A Community-Led Study

By: Dr G Stewart
Published: 2019-05-01

This research is a community-managed discovery of the ingredients underlying the neighbourhood-led approach of Randwick Park’s community leadership. It explains the basis of this shared kaupapa and explores some of…

Community Development Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

The Perception of LGBTQ Influencers on Social Media: YouTube

By: Stephanie Sabala
Published: 2019-03-21

Social media brand influencers are on the rise, becoming one of the biggest marketing and public relations trends of 2017, especially those who promote lifestyle brands (Glucksman, 2017). While many…

Media & Communications Rainbow/LGBTIQA+ Research & Evaluation

Working Through Uncertainty: The Perils and Potential of Community-Engaged Research on Refugee Resettlement

By: Paul Van Auken, Orlee Hauser, D. J. Wolover, Bethany Lerch, Kenneth Jackson, Juyeon Son, Sarah Reed and Colin Crowley
Published: 2019-02-28

What can be learned from the process of community-engaged research (CER) on refugee resettlement? In the following, we share experiences, reflections, and lessons from implementing such a project. We begin…

Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

Supporting Aotearoa’s rainbow people: A practical guide for mental health professionals

By: Gloria Fraser
Published: 2019-02-09

Who is this guide for? This guide is for anyone who provides mental health support in Aotearoa, including (but not limited to) counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, tohunga (Māori healers), social…

Education & Training Health & Wellbeing Rainbow/LGBTIQA+

Measuring Social Categories in NZ

By: Charles Crothers
Published: 2018-11-13

This paper covers the current ‘state of the art’ about best social research measures for the NZ context. The listing is also a useful checklist for those contemplating which to…

Research & Evaluation
Law & Justice

Understanding the barriers and drivers for Māori to undertake succession to ownership of Māori Land

By: Sara Passmore
Published: 2018-09-23

This report focuses on understanding the barriers and drivers for Māori to undertake succession through the Māori Land Court (MLC) to become owners of Māori freehold or customary land (Māori…

Law & Justice Māori Whānau Ora
Ethnicity and Diversity

Setting the Stage: reviewing current knowledge on the health of New Zealand immigrants—an integrative review

By: Blessing Kanengoni , Sari Andajani-Sutjahjo and Eleanor Holroyd
Published: 2018-08-23

The growth of migrant communities continues to rise globally, creating unique and complex health challenges. Literature on immigrant health in New Zealand (NZ) remains scant. This integrative literature review was…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees Research & Evaluation

The Need for an Organ Donation Policy Change: A Sensible Choice with Minimal Risk

By: Molly Brownfield
Published: 2018-06-27

Mandated organ donation would greatly increase the overall functionality and wellbeing of populations in the United States. It therefore should be considered to change the current default from having to…

Action Research Health & Wellbeing Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Ethnicity and Diversity

New Migrant Parenting Report

By: Tamati Ihaka, Elizabeth Cameron, Haiying Dong, Point Research
Published: 2018-05-22

This research aims to better understand the parenting practices of new migrants in Auckland’s North Shore communities. Its primary use is to assist Whānau Marama Parenting, a parenting programme provider…

Community Development Families, Whānau and Parenting Research & Evaluation

Anagotus fairburni Monitoring Orua Wairua

By: Blumine Island Team 2018
Published: 2018-05-12

6 years ago, 74 flax weevils (Anagotus fairburni) and 100 Cook Strait giant weta (Deinacrida rugosa) were translocated from Maud Island and released over 2 sites across Oruawairua. One site…

Environment Research & Evaluation Science
Ethnicity and Diversity


By: The Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research Victoria University of Wellington Colleen Ward with Jason Lescelius Amanda Jack Reneeta M. Naidu and Elizabeth Weinberg
Published: 2018-03-14

In pursuing their purpose of supporting migrants, former refugees, and people from minority ethnicities with their settlement processes, the Nelson Multicultural Council contracted the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research at…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Migrants and Former Refugees

How the wellbeing of addiction practitioners is affected by their professional practice.

By: Lisa Jordan Phillips McLennan
Published: 2018-02-01

Addiction practitioners in New Zealand work alongside those who are experiencing a range of addictions, as well as those who care for them, to assist in making recovery for clients…

Addiction - Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling Employment & Labour Health & Wellbeing
Non-profit Sector

A Review of Third Sector Research in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand: 1990-2016

By: Jenny Onyx and Garth Nowland-Foreman
Published: 2017-12-31

This monograph reviews the state of the third sector in both Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, and is the first comprehensive overview of the research that has studied and documented…

Government – Central & Local Non-profit Sector Volunteering & Mahi Aroha

“Changing the way we care”

By: Di Te Tau
Published: 2017-10-18

This study is interested in the findings of interviews with women, services and individuals who experienced intensive social work support in their community of Counties Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand, while…


Kia Pū te Wai o Pareira: Catalysts of Whānau Health and Wellbeing in West Auckland

By: Dr Tanya Allport, Dr John Huakau, Haze White & Donna Te Whiu
Published: 2017-04-01

Kia Pū te Wai o Pareira: Catalysts of Whānau Health and Wellbeing in West Auckland is the technical report following an 18-month study of Māori living in West Auckland. This…

Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation Whānau Ora
People and Society

The empty nest is refilled: the joys and tribulations of grandparents raising their grandchildren

By: Liz Gordon
Published: 2016-12-09

This is the ‘first cut’ report of a large quantitative and qualitative study of over 1000 grandparents or other kin in Aotearoa who have their grandchildren living with them. The…

Ageing & Retirement Children & Youth Welfare & Benefits
Non-profit Sector

2016 State of the Sector Survey – Snapshot

By: ComVoices
Published: 2016-12-01

The second Snapshot Survey conducted by ComVoices shows that the stresses on our community organisations are increasing. A survey of over 280 community organisations shows that they are experiencing greater…

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

2016 State of the Sector Survey – Snapshot Summary

By: ComVoices
Published: 2016-12-01

The survey, of over 280 community organisations, shows that stresses on our community organisations are increasing. They are experiencing greater demand for services and are dealing with greater complexity, but…

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

Challenges Faced – Implications for Policy: The Everyday Lives of Eastern European Women in New Zealand

Published: 2016-11-22

This study explored the everyday lives, aspirations, and coping strategies of seven Eastern European immigrant women in New Zealand who came from Bulgaria, the former Eastern Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania,…

Community Development Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine

A Proposal to Build a Robust, Evidence Based Learning System for Social Investment. ComVoices (March 2017)

By: ComVoices
Published: 2016-11-01

In 2016 the Ministry of Soical Development (MSD) advised that from July 2017 its contracts with funded providers would include, as a condition of funding, the requirement to gather and…

Government – Central & Local Grants, Funding, Contracts & Fundraising Research & Evaluation

Lessons from Community Driven Development in Myanmar : Analysis of Preliminary Results

By: Anura Widana and Praful Soni
Published: 2016-08-20

This paper presents the lessons from phase I of the community driven development (CDD) project being implemented in Myanmar. The CDD approach has a special relevance and application in the…

Action Research Community Development Grants, Funding, Contracts & Fundraising

Outcomes, Accountability and Community & Voluntary Organisations in New Zealand: Holy Grail, Black Hole or Wholly Possible?

By: Garth Nowland-oreman
Published: 2016-06-27

Although now coming to the fore in New Zealand in a new way, public policy has put increasing emphasis on ‘outcomes’, ‘impacts’ and ‘results’ for at least a quarter of…

Grants, Funding, Contracts & Fundraising Non-profit Sector Philanthropy
People and Society

Te Karanga a Maaui; Calls of influence that spark entrepreneurship in Rangatahi Maaori

By: Glenda Taituha
Published: 2016-04-15

If there was ever a single strategy that could combat the ongoing effects of colonisation on indigenous peoples, it would be the breeding of entrepreneurial thinkers and the practical application…

Education & Training Governance & Kaitiakitanga Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Evaluation of Crossroads Youth with a Future Stay Real Programme

By: The Collaborative Trust
Published: 2016-03-30

Crossroads Youth with a Future works with young people in the Eastern suburbs of Christchurch using a programme called Stay Real. This independent evaluation of Stay Real programme was conducted…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation
People and Society

YWCA Auckland Future Leaders Programme Redevelopment Project Report

By: YWCA Auckland
Published: 2016-02-26

In February 2015, YWCA Auckland embarked on a 12 month Redevelopment Project of our Future Leaders programme, our mentoring and leadership skills programme for young disadvantaged women aged 14-18. This…

Children & Youth Non-profit Sector Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

Population Change and Its Implications: Auckland

By: Trudie Cain, Robin Peace, Paul Spoonley, Paula Pereda, Pippa Vague and Chris Howard Massey University
Published: 2016-02-15

The Nga Tangata Oho Mairangi (NTOM) research programme is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The programme of research is broad and involves both Massey and…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Research & Evaluation

Anticipating subnational depopulation: Policy responses and strategic interventions to regional decline

By: Rachael McMillan
Published: 2016-01-01

Population growth has already ended in a number of countries around the world. Significant demographic trends are transforming the global population, with record low fertility across the globe, increasing longevity…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Research & Evaluation

Place-Based and Community-Led: Specific Disaster Preparedness and Generalisable Community Resilience

By: Daryl Taylor and Helen Goodman
Published: 2015-02-20

The action research process that informed the report was initially made possible through CatholicCare Bushfire Community Recovery Service, with the support and involvement of service Manager, Janet Cribbes. The study…

Action Research Community Development Emergency & Disaster
People and Society

A Report to BayTrust. A focus on opportunities to make a positive impact in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life and youth engagement

By: The Centre for Social Impact
Published: 2015-02-01

BayTrust’s mission is to “effectively build, strengthen and enhance present and future Bay of Plenty Communities.” To support this, BayTrust approached the Centre for Social Impact to provide research and…

Children & Youth Community Development Families, Whānau and Parenting

Her Stories – Women, Research and Recovery

By: Megan Woods MP
Published: 2014-11-21

A paper written and presented by Megan Woods MP for the inaugural Christchurch Womens Researchers Breakfast, Otauatahi-Christchurch, Thursday 21st November 2014

Emergency & Disaster Research & Evaluation Women/Wāhine

ANZTSR 2014 Indigenous Communities, Disasters, and Disaster Research: Surviving Disaster Research On, With and By Maori

By: Dr Simon Lambert
Published: 2014-11-18

This paper presents insights into the impact on Maori of the Christchurch earthquakes, including the role of Indigenous Knowledge (Matauranga Maori) in disasters, and the role of Indigenous culture in…

Emergency & Disaster Māori Research & Evaluation

What can Pākehā learn from engaging in Kaupapa Māori research?

By: Alex Barnes
Published: 2014-11-12

Written by Te Wāhanga kairangahau Alex Barnes, this working paper focuses on how Pākehā have become involved in Māori-determined and controlled educational research, and what issues inhibit and facilitate their…

Education & Training Kaupapa Māori approaches Research & Evaluation

ANZTSR 2014 Mapping the Diverse Community Economy Sector in Christchurch

By: Dr Kelly Dombroski
Published: 2014-11-11

Post-quake Christchurch has seen a flourishing of alternative economic activities that work to directly support the wellbeing of residents, often through the volunteer and community sector. This project seeks to…

Community Development Economics & Finances Emergency & Disaster
Non-profit Sector

ANZTSR 2014 In celebration of actionable theory (trying to practice what we preach!)

By: Dr Judith McMorland and Dr Ljiljana Erakovic
Published: 2014-11-10

Our purpose in this conference paper is to • Define (and celebrate) what we mean by ‘actionable theory’ and how our model fits this endeavour • Discuss the value of…

Research & Evaluation

ANZTSR 2014 Resilient Leadership Amidst Complexity

By: Margy-Jean Malcolm
Published: 2014-11-07

This paper draws on recent research which was grounded in theory-building with civil society practitioners in two Aotearoa NZ leadership learning contexts (Malcolm, 2014) to draw out their tacit wisdom…

Action Research Community Development Leadership
Ethnicity and Diversity

Best Practice Principles: CALD Cultural Competency Standards and Framework.

By: Sue Lim – Manager, WDHB Asian Health Support Services Dr Annette Mortensen, Project Manager, Migrant Health Programme – Northern Regional Alliance Ltd
Published: 2014-11-01

The purpose of this document is to:1. Provide Information about CALD population demographics and characteristics, increasing workforce diversity, service barriers, and why the need for cultural competence2. Recommend Best Practice…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

State of the Sector Survey 2014 snapshot

By: ComVoices
Published: 2014-10-14

A survey of over 300 community organisations working in the community sector in 2014. Findings show that many are under severe pressure. Most groups are doing more work than ever…

Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation

Civil Society Leadership as Learning

By: Margy-Jean Malcolm
Published: 2014-10-13

The “leader” word often brings to mind strong, decisive, visionary individuals. Yet this assumption stops many from ever thinking of themselves as leaders. This PhD thesis explores an understanding of…

Community Development Education & Training Leadership

This is the House of Hope. Peer Support Services Aotearoa. Outcomes of Value as identified by people who experience mental health and addiction problems and the ways in which Peer Support Services support these outcomes. 2014

By: Kites Trust
Published: 2014-10-03

Findings from focus groups held in Mental Health and Addiction Peer Support Services in Aotearoa which identify the outcomes people who use these services value in their live. The findings…

Mental Health Research & Evaluation
Pacific Peoples

Pasifika Success as Pasifika: Pasifika Conceptualisations of Literacy for Success as Pasifika in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa
Published: 2014-02-03

This research report presents the details and findings of a research project commissioned by Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa, entitled Pasifika Success as Pasifika in Aotearoa New Zealand (PSAPiA).…

Education & Training Pasifika Research & Evaluation

Outcomes and expereinces of participants of the Activity Based Experience (ABE) Programme at Richmond Services Limited: a mixed methods study

By: Arno Grueber
Published: 2013-12-11

The ABE Programme is a client-centred, individualised physical activity intervention for people with mental illness delivered by non-government organisation Richmond Services Ltd. It is three months in duration with weekly…

Health & Wellbeing Mental Health Sport & Recreation

Waimarino Youth Photovoice Project

By: Ken Taiapa, SHORE and Whariki Research, Massey University
Published: 2013-11-01

This report outlines the process and findings of research undertaken by young people living in Waimarino, with support from the Raetihi Community Trust and the SHORE and Whariki Research Centre…

Children & Youth Community Development Research & Evaluation

Small-holder Coffee Grower and Livelihoods in Timor-Leste : Current status, Issues and Challenges

By: Anura Widana
Published: 2013-06-30

Based on a field study in 2013, it analyses the role of coffee production in the socio-economic and livelihoods of small-holders. It presents prospects for livelihoods upliftment and some of…

Community Development Economics & Finances Research & Evaluation

The Hidden Abuse of Disabled People Residing in the Community: An Exploratory Study

By: Dr Michael Roguski
Published: 2013-06-18

The study was inspired by a growing awareness of the abuse of disabled people living in the New Zealand community. Next, while international research has highlighted that disabled people are…

Disability Research & Evaluation Social Services
Non-profit Sector

Amplify Action Enquiry

By: McLaren Park and Henderson South Community Initiative Inc. Point Research Ltd.
Published: 2013-06-11

AMPLIFY is a 13-month action enquiry into the needs and best practice approaches for 9-13 year olds in the West Auckland suburbs of McLaren Park and Henderson South. The action…

Action Research Children & Youth Community Development
Non-profit Sector

An Investment in Evaluation – Final Report

By: Community Waitakere
Published: 2013-05-31

The following report presents a summarisation of the development research and evaluation project “Evaluation for More Effective Community Development”. This project was initiated by Community Waitakere in 2012 and completed…

Community Development Research & Evaluation

The effectiveness of services delivered by DOVE Hawkes Bay Inc (May 2013): Full report

By: Penny Ehrhardt, Gaylene Little, Maryanne Marsters, Geoffrey Nauer, Mandy Pentecost, Ariana Stockdale-Frost and Judy Wivell
Published: 2013-05-24

The DOVE Research Project came about after discussions between family violence intervention service, DOVE Hawkes Bay (DOVE) and the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) about the high levels of family…

Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation Women/Wāhine

The effectiveness of services delivered by DOVE Hawkes Bay Inc (May 2013): Summary Report

By: Penny Ehrhardt, Gaylene Little, Maryanne Marsters, Geoffrey Nauer, Mandy Pentecost, Ariana Stockdale-Frost, and Judy Wivell.
Published: 2013-05-23

DOVE and EIT wanted to address this by examining the efficacy of family violence prevention services run for men, women and youth in Hawke’s Bay. In particular, we were interested…

Families, Whānau and Parenting Family Violence & Abuse Health & Wellbeing
Non-profit Sector

Community Waitakere, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT EVALUATION RESEARCH. Retrospective impact analysis: 7 Case Studies

By: Community Waitakere
Published: 2013-04-29

This is stage 2 of a 4 stage COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT EVALUATION RESEARCH PROJECT. We know it’s important to reflect on our past so we are able to chart a course…

Community Development Research & Evaluation

Ongoing resilience from the ground up research report

By: Raven Marie Cretney
Published: 2013-04-07

This report summarises the Masters thesis of the same title (also found in this directory). I briefly discuss methodology and background to the case study of Project Lyttelton before explaining…

Community Development Emergency & Disaster Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Impact in the Voluntary Sector

By: Nataly Noguer Blue
Published: 2013-03-25

While the value added by voluntary organisations is widely accepted by government and other funders, there has been increased pressure for the voluntary sector to measure the difference they make…

Community Development Research & Evaluation Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
Non-profit Sector

Community Sector Model and Framework for Sustainable Funding and Accountability within Communities

By: Community Sector Taskforce
Published: 2013-03-13

In 2007, the Community Sector Taskforce applied its base position set out in ‘A New Way of Working’ to the issue of Sector funding and accountability. This paper, with the…

Action Research Community Development Non-profit Sector
Ethnicity and Diversity

What is action research in the context of community research?

By: Hilary Stace
Published: 2012-12-19

A short paper about the development of action research/participatory action research and applications, particularly in the context of disability research. The role of ethics, self reflection and empowerment.

Action Research Community Development Disability Research & Evaluation

Moving beyond love and luck: building right relationships and respecting lived experience in New Zealand autism policy

By: Hilary Stace
Published: 2012-12-19

PhD thesis in Public Policy which looks at the policy problems arising from the rapidly increasing diagnoses of autism in recent decades. Considers history and construction of the concept of…

Advocacy Children & Youth Disability Families, Whānau and Parenting Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation Social Services
Ethnicity and Diversity

New Model for Supporting Disabled People

By: Evalue Research
Published: 2012-12-01

The report summaries and synthesises findings from evaluations of components of a New Model for disability support that were introduced by the Ministry of Health in 2011-12.

Disability Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Ethics in Community-Based Participatory Research: Case Studies, Case Examples & Commentaries

By: National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement and the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, Durham University, UK
Published: 2012-11-01

This compilation of case studies, examples and commentaries forms the third part of a set of materials relating to ethics in community-based participatory research (CBPR). Part I comprises a set…

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Community-Based Participatory Research: A Guide to Ethical Principles & Practice

By: Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, Durham University National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement
Published: 2012-11-01

All research raises questions about ethics: about the rigour, responsibility and respect of the practices of researchers. As a result, there are strict systems in place to encourage and enforce…

Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
People and Society

ToughLove Programme for parents evaluation

By: ToughLove Auckland
Published: 2012-10-30

Evaluation of ToughLove parenting programme. funded by Lottery Community Sector Research Committee.

Families, Whānau and Parenting Research & Evaluation

Literature Review of Evaluation Methods & Methodologies

By: Community Waitakere
Published: 2012-08-15

There are many organisations working with communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is important we develop our understanding of the impact organisations and the programmes and services they run have…

Community Development Research & Evaluation

Community Development Evaluation Measures: Indicators of Success

By: Community Waitakere
Published: 2012-08-15

The indicators have been chosen based on their ability to capture important factors in community health and well-being, organisations will need to have careful discussion about whether they are appropriate…

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Case Studies – Evaluation Frameworks in Community Development Organisations

By: Community Waitakere
Published: 2012-08-15

The case studies were chosen by the leadership team at Community Waitakere. While Community Waitakere operates in the community development space, the case studies are not entirely from organisations that…

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

New Land, New Life: Long-Term Settlement of Refugees in New Zealand Main Report

By: Wendy Searle, Emma Prouse, Emily L’Ami, Alison Gray, Anna Gruner Labour and Immigration Research Centre Labour Group Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Published: 2012-08-06

Quota Refugees Ten Years On: Perspectives on Integration, Community, and Identity is a multi-year research programme that was developed to better understand the long-term journeys of refugees in New Zealand.…

Community Development Migrants and Former Refugees Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Evaluation Report Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Lights

By: Project Lyttelton
Published: 2012-03-30

Evaluations results of the Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Lights from the perspective of the advisory group, key stakeholders and the general public.

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Evaluation Report Lyttelton Farmers Market

By: Project Lyttelton
Published: 2012-03-30

An evaluation of the Lyttelton Farmers Market from the perspective of regular customers, new customers and stall holders.

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Evaluation Report Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Walking

By: Project Lyttelton
Published: 2012-03-30

An evaluation report exploring the the short and longer term outcomes of the festival from the perspective of the guides and participants.

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Evaluation Report Seven Oaks Community Garden

By: Project Lyttelton
Published: 2012-03-01

An evaluation report looking at the key success stories and challenges faced by Project Lyttelton running the garden. Assessing the lessons learned and what can be applied to other projects…

Community Development Research & Evaluation

ParentWorks Review

By: Christchurch Methodist Mission
Published: 2012-01-01

Since 2002, ParentWorks, a programme of Christchurch Methodist Mission, has been helping non-custodial parents to build better relationships with their children and assist them both in the short and long…

Children & Youth Families, Whānau and Parenting Family Violence & Abuse
Non-profit Sector

Community participation in road works

By: Anura Widana
Published: 2011-10-20

This paper based on evaluation of road construction and rehabilitation programs in Asian countries outlines the main areas for community participation and strategies to secure the participation

Community Development Research & Evaluation

Advocacy and Policy Change Evaluation: A Brief Overview

By: Kathryn Nemec
Published: 2011-10-01

This short literature review about evaluating advocacy and policy change work is designed to be of use to advocacy organisations and funders.

Advocacy Research & Evaluation
Te Ao Māori

Whanau Ora & Action Research

By: Fiona Cram
Published: 2011-06-01

Action Research is a participatory research method in which esearch is then undertaken to answer the question, with the findings reflected upon for their practice implications. Practice is then changed…

Action Research Māori Whānau Ora

Gisborne Voter Participation Project: Evaluation report

By: Ka Pai Kaiti Charitable Trust
Published: 2011-05-06

Ka Pai Kaiti facilitated a project to increase voter turnout and participation in the local council and district health board elections in Gisborne 2010. The purpose of research project was…

Action Research Human Rights & Civil Liberties Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Building Capacity for Ethical Research with Children and Young People

By: Dr Mary Ann Powell, Dr Nicola Taylor, Dr Sally Newell, Professor Anne Graham, Dr Robyn Fitzgerald
Published: 2011-03-01

This report presents the findings from the Childwatch project. To the best of our knowledge it is the first international project of its kind to identify and explore the ethical…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation

Kaiti Neighbourhood Survey (2010)

By: Ka Pai Kaiti Charitable Trust
Published: 2010-10-01

This report shares results of a survey of community needs in Kaiti, Gisbourne. The survey was conducted in 2010. The results from the surveys have been collected, entered and analyzed…

Action Research Community Development

Monitoring and Evaluating of Learning Networks (INTRAC, March 2010)

By: Rick James
Published: 2010-07-29

Learning networks operate under a variety of names: communities of practice; e-learning networks; web-discussion fora, learning communities, thematic groups… Whatever name they go by, they tend to be groups of…

Education & Training Leadership Research & Evaluation

Our Aranui – Results of the Aranui Door-to-door survey 2010

By: Matt Walters
Published: 2010-02-16

In late 2009 a survey was carried out to every house in Aranui. Questions were asked about the 5 result areas that the trust is working towards. These 5 areas…

Community Development Education & Training Research & Evaluation

Matua Whangai: Can we invigorate an important concept of social work?

By: Kim Murphy-Stewart
Published: 2010-02-10

The rationale for this thesis “Matua Whangai – Can we invigorate an important concept of social work?” is quite simply that: – – The deaths of our babies have shattered…

Children & Youth Social Services Whānau Ora
Te Ao Māori

Te Rarawa Community Research

By: Te Rarawa Iwi Research and Development Group
Published: 2010-01-01

This presentation to the 2010 Community Research Awards provides insight into the approach to community research by the Te Rarawa Iwi Research and Development Group (IRD). Located within Te Runanga…

Community Development Māori Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Counting on Capacity: A Review of Community Waikato

By: Garth Nowland-Foreman & Katarina Pipi
Published: 2009-09-21

How do we measure or report on the impact of capacity building? This review reports on the effectiveness and ‘value for money’ of a community capacity building hub (Community Waikato),…

Community Development Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation

Old ways of having new conversations: Basing qualitative research within Tikanga Māori (Māori protocol)

By: Bevan Tipene-Matua, Dr Hazel Phillips, Dr Fiona Cram, Dr Murray Parsons and Katrina Taupo
Published: 2009-07-22

This paper explores how Māori cultural processes can guide research processes. Tikanga Māori (Māori ways/traditions) based dialogue processes acknowledge relationships between people and the reasons why they have gathered together.…

Māori Research & Evaluation

From Talk to Action – Government Engagement with Citizens and Communities

By: Building Better Government Engagement Reference Group
Published: 2009-07-01

The Building Better Government Engagement (BBGE) project seeks to identify actions for building skills, knowledge and values in the public service about effective engagement with citizens and communities. This report…

Advocacy Government – Central & Local Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Counting on Capacity: A Review of Community Waikato

By: Garth Nowland-Foreman, with Kataraina Pipi
Published: 2009-01-01

An earlier Review (Nowland-Foreman, 2006) examined the rationale for funders to invest in capacity building, and through supporting the core operating costs of capacity building organisations. This Report builds on…

Māori Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Measuring Maybe: Some Thoughts on Evaluation and Social Innovation

By: Vivian Hutchinson
Published: 2008-11-01

Vivian Hutchinson is the Executive Officer of the Social Innovation Investment Group and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship. This paper is based on his presentation to the workshop on…

Research & Evaluation Social Services
Non-profit Sector

The New Zealand Non-profit Sector in Comparative Perspective

By: Jackie Sanders, Mike O’Brien, Margaret Tennant, S. Wojciech Sokolowski and Lester M. Salamon
Published: 2008-10-01

This report provides the most accurate picture yet of the New Zealand non-profit sector and shows how it compares with 40 other countries. It gives us a better understanding of…

Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

A Non-profit Sector Bibliography

By: Jackie Sanders, Mike O’Brien, Margaret Tennant
Published: 2008-10-01

A list of research on the non-profit sector in New Zealand collated as part of the Study of the New Zealand Non-profit Sector

Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation

Intrapreneurship: Testing the application of theory within a New Zealand workplace.

By: Chris Burgess
Published: 2008-10-01

Burgess found an average productive capacity measurement of 70% and an innovative capacity measurement of 68% from within the sampled organisations New Zealanders are well known for their entrepreneurial flair…

Action Research Economics & Finances

Volunteer-related training in emergency services: findings from qualitative research

By: Sharon Pells, NZIER
Published: 2008-07-01

Qualitataive research (depth interviews with 52 emergency services volunteers and other stakeholders) to identify how to lift training participation of emergency services volunteers, and the impact of training on service…

Emergency & Disaster Research & Evaluation Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
Non-profit Sector

Taking the PULSE Seminar / Te Kokiritanga o te Ha

By: Garth Nowland-Foreman
Published: 2008-01-01

This is a brief report of an August 2008 seminar, sponsored by the Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary Sector Research Centre on possibilities for a sector-wide survey in Aotearoa New…

Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

A Review of the Clearing House Project prepared for the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre

By: Nan Wehipeihana
Published: 2008-01-01

A review of the Clearing House project as part of the requirements of the Department of Internal Affairs Community Partnership Fund

Community Development Research & Evaluation
Te Ao Māori

Researching as a Maori presentation – The Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre AGM 2007 presentation

By: Dr Lynne Pere
Published: 2007-11-20

The Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre AGM 2007 presentation about researching as a Maori

Kaupapa Māori approaches Māori Research & Evaluation

Code of Practice for the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre

By: Robyn Kamira for the TWCVRC
Published: 2007-10-02

The Code Of Practice describes optimum practices in community research for the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre. It is written for the researcher, whether with a tertiary,…

Community Development Māori Research & Evaluation

Employment Relationship Problems: Costs, Benefits and Choices

By: Bernard Woodhams
Published: 2007-08-01

A study of the costs and impacts of employment relationship problems and how the parties to an ERP decide how to progress the issues.

Employment & Labour Research & Evaluation
Non-profit Sector

Our Strategies in Action

By: Tangata Whenua, Community & Voluntary Sector Research Centre
Published: 2007-01-01

The vision of the Tangata Whenua, Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre will be implemented primarily through five key strategies: (1) visibility and access, (2) quality and good practice, (3)…

Community Development Kaupapa Māori approaches Research & Evaluation

Counting for More

By: New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations
Published: 2007-01-01

Counting for More is focused on a pilot study of outputs and outcomes and is a major milestone for the VAVA (Value Added by Voluntary Agencies) project initiated in 2002…

Research & Evaluation Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
Non-profit Sector

A Paradox in Action? A Critical Analysis of an Appreciative Inquiry.

By: Suzanne Grant
Published: 2006-08-01

A journey comprised of three paths is the metaphor through which I: i) reflect and report on my involvement with four New Zealand primary school Boards of Trustees (BOTs) investigating…

Action Research
Non-profit Sector

Literature review on capacity building for the voluntary and community sector

By: Cayley, Simon
Published: 2006-07-03

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of existing literature in the area of community sector capacity building. The review will attempt to summarise the key themes…

Community Development Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Meta-analysing community action projects in Aotearoa, New Zealand

By: Alison Greenaway, K Witten
Published: 2005-03-11

This paper reports on a meta-analysis of ten community action projects. The activation, consolidation and transition or completion stages of the projects were examined to identify commonalities in structures and…

Community Development Research & Evaluation Social Services

Junk to Funk 2004: A case study investigating Social Capital, Volunteerism and Evaluation in a Community Project

By: Denise Roche
Published: 2004-11-01

On Waiheke Island the Waste Resource Trust is responsible for encouraging 8000 residents to recycle more and send less waste to landfill. Volunteers engage the community with an annual celebration…

Research & Evaluation Sustainability Volunteering & Mahi Aroha

Organic research

By: Clements, Elizabeth
Published: 2004-01-01

Describes a new model for research based on an organic approach to social change.

Action Research Research & Evaluation

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Implications for ED Care in Auckland, New Zealand

By: Nicola Young, MPH, MPhil (Hons), RCpN, Dip Ed, RCpN, and Annette Mortensen
Published: 2003-08-29

The increasing use of emergency departments by refugee and migrant groups reflects the shifting ethnic composition of central Auckland. Refugees are different from other immigrants and from low-income families in…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees Research & Evaluation

Structures and Strategies: a narrative analysis of eleven community organisations in Otago

By: Aimers, J and Walker, P.
Published: 2003-01-01

This research project was initiated in 2001 to explore the governance and organisational practices of 11 diverse community organisations in Dunedin. The themes explored within the study are the life…

Community Development Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

Chinese Migrants’ Mental Health and Adjustment to Life in New Zealand

By: Max W. Abbott, Sai Wong, Maynard Williams, Ming Au, Wilson Young
Published: 2000-10-21

Objective : The purpose of this study was to identify and assess the relative importance of predictors of the self-rated adjustment and psychiatric morbidity of recent Chinese migrants. Method: Chinese…

Health & Wellbeing Mental Health Migrants and Former Refugees

Using Participatory Action Research in a Local Government Setting

By: Aimers, J
Published: 1999-01-01

In this paper I offer a set of guidelines for the use of Action Research in New Zealand local authority community development and parks and recreation settings.

Action Research Government – Central & Local Research & Evaluation

Social Responsibility: Whose Agenda? Choices for the Future. The Key Word is ‘Social’!

By: Katherine Peet
Published: 1998-02-15

This paper considers the space within which the State, the Public Service and Common Wealth interact. In particular, power relationships which fall outside nation-states are examined. These general issues are…

Governance & Kaitiakitanga Research & Evaluation
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