This report provides robust evidence of the importance and impact of early intervention and parent management programmes for Māori. It is essential to make social investments into programmes such as Incredible Years Parenting – to reduce the short-term stresses and concerns that child conduct and poor parenting problems raise and; to prevent the development of the longer-term adverse outcomes associated with these problems. The study uses the social return on investment (SROI) framework to understand and measure the value and impact of the programme in the community and whanau.It is the first SROI analysis to investigate the impact of the Incredible years parenting (IYP) programme on Maori in New Zealand. It provides strong evidence of the positive impact of the IYP programme by Waipareira, by creating significant social, environmental and economic value.
It will guide the decision making of the organisation and inform the design and implementation of future projects and services. This will also help improve the efficacy of the programme and processes.

For Government and state agencies, this analysis provides robust evidence on the importance of early intervention and parenting behaviours management programme in Child Wellbeing. It supports increased policy focus on such interventions, particularly policies that tackle the role of the family in early childhood development. Efforts to introduce such programmes widely across New Zealand should be encouraged and strengthened.

With the current Government momentum to improve Child Well-being and Social well-being in New Zealand, this analysis will help inform strategy and planning and fit a piece in the jigsaw puzzle. It provides a compelling story to funders, investors and critics. It also challenges the traditional notion of value and success from outputs and financial measures, to a broader consideration of social, environmental, as well as economic outcomes and value that is created by various activities.


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Sneha Lakhotia
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Te Whānau o Waipareira
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Parenting, SROI, child wellbeing, conduct problems, incredible years, social impact, social value
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Lakhotia.S.,(2019).bNga Tau Miharo O Aotearoa; Incredible Years Parenting Programme: Social Impact Report. Te Whānau o Waipareira. New Zealand.
ISBN : 978-0-473-49009-6

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