The experiences of refugee Muslim women in the Aotearoa New Zealand healthcare system

By: Shemana Cassim, Madiha Ali, Jacquie Kidd, Rawiri Keenan, Fariya Begum, Dina Jamil, Nur Abdul Hamid & Ross Lawrenson
Published: 2021-07-08

This study explores the experiences of refugee Muslim women as they accessed and navigated the healthcare system in AotearoaNew Zealand (NZ). A case-oriented approach was used, where semi-structured interviews were…

Health & Wellbeing Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

Consultations with Refugee immigrants

By: Kirsten Lovelock; Meremoana Potiki
Published: 2021-04-01

Refugee background women, their connections, sense of belonging, acceptance and inclusion in the Greater Wellington region: This report presents the qualitative findings of a research project focussing on the experiences…

Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

The economic integration of women refugee entrepreneurs in NZ

By: Zhiyan Basharati; Nadeera Ranabahu; Huibert P. d Vries
Published: 2021-03-31

‘The economic integration of women refugee entrepreneurs in NZ’ is Chapter 5 in the book ‘Women and Global Entrepreneurship: Contextualising Everyday Experiences’ available online at the link below. This chapter…

Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

A Perspective on S4.5 Residence Category for Victims of Domestic Violence (VDV) Policy: Addressing Domestic Violence against ‘Ethnic’ Women

By: Irene Ayallo
Published: 2019-12-20

This presentation examines the immigration-specific factors which makes the domestic experiences of these women unique. In doing so, it highlights where there are gaps in knowledge of and responses for…

Family Violence & Abuse Women/Wāhine

Domestic violence against ethnic women: Literature review

By: Shakti Community Council Inc.
Published: 2019-06-02

The research has been commissioned by Shakti Community Council Inc. This is a literature review on violence against ethnic women especially in NZ. It also explores the possible responses to…

Family Violence & Abuse Race & Ethnicity Women/Wāhine
Arts and Culture

‘Remembering’ Absent and Recent Pasts Through Photographs: Young Eritrean Women in New Zealand

By: Louise Humpage
Published: 2017-12-01

This article presents a Photovoice project that explores the narratives of five young women of Eritrean heritage living in New Zealand. The photographs taken by the women suggest that their…

Arts & Culture Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
People and Society

African Mothers’ Experiences of Raising ‘Afro-Kiwi Kids’ in Aotearoa / New Zealand

By: Helene Connor, Irene Ayallo, Susan Elliott
Published: 2017-12-01

This article presents findings from qualitative research data gathered from a group of ten refugee-background and immigrant African mothers living in Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand. The research study—From Mama Africa to…

Families, Whānau and Parenting Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

Challenges Faced – Implications for Policy: The Everyday Lives of Eastern European Women in New Zealand

Published: 2016-11-22

This study explored the everyday lives, aspirations, and coping strategies of seven Eastern European immigrant women in New Zealand who came from Bulgaria, the former Eastern Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania,…

Community Development Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
People and Society

YWCA Auckland Future Leaders Programme Redevelopment Project Report

By: YWCA Auckland
Published: 2016-02-26

In February 2015, YWCA Auckland embarked on a 12 month Redevelopment Project of our Future Leaders programme, our mentoring and leadership skills programme for young disadvantaged women aged 14-18. This…

Children & Youth Non-profit Sector Women/Wāhine
People and Society

From stories to action: The policy implications of the NCWNZ Women’s Voices project

By: Gordon, L.; Du Plessis, R.; Sutherland, J.; and Gibson, H.
Published: 2015-06-30

This report highlights the policy implications of research into the earthquake experiences of 150 Christchurch women interviewed for the Women’s Voices – Ngā Reo O Ngā Wahine Project. It focuses…

Emergency & Disaster Women/Wāhine

Her Stories – Women, Research and Recovery

By: Megan Woods MP
Published: 2014-11-21

A paper written and presented by Megan Woods MP for the inaugural Christchurch Womens Researchers Breakfast, Otauatahi-Christchurch, Thursday 21st November 2014

Emergency & Disaster Research & Evaluation Women/Wāhine

ANZTSR 2014 The Role of Gender in Building a Resilient City: Examining Christchurch New Zealand

By: Rachel Kimber
Published: 2014-11-04

New Zealand has an opportunity to become a global example of the benefits of organizational gender balance by showcasing the Christchurch rebuild as a project that promotes gender diversity. Equal…

Emergency & Disaster Leadership Women/Wāhine
People and Society

Movers and Shakers: Women’s Stories from the Christchurch Earthquakes

By: Gordon, L; Sutherland, J; DuPlessis, R and Gibson, H.
Published: 2014-05-04

This is the final report of a research study undertaken by the National Council of Women (Christchurch Branch) between 2011 and 2014 with women living in Christchurch through the earthquakes.…

Community Development Emergency & Disaster Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

There is always someone worse off…The unheard voices of women fromthe Christchurch earthquakes and beyond

By: Women's Voices Project, National Council of Women
Published: 2014-02-01

The Christchurch earthquakes can be viewed from many disciplines: geology, geography, history, disaster management, psychology, sociology etc. For the past two years, the National Council of Women in Christchurch has…

Emergency & Disaster Families, Whānau and Parenting Women/Wāhine

Te Mana tu o te Wahine: Women as Leaders in the Community & Voluntary Sector

By: Heathrose research for Women in Leadership in Aotearoa (WILA)
Published: 2013-11-19

There is little information in Aotearoa New Zealand about how women are represented in the Community and Voluntary Sector, despite the fact that the the sector’s voluntary and paid workforce…

Leadership Volunteering & Mahi Aroha Women/Wāhine

The Anger Change Programme Research Report

By: Dr Tina Darkins, PhD
Published: 2013-09-10

The purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of the Anger Change Programme for Mothers. The Anger Change programme is a New Zealand-based child abuse prevention programme, developed…

Families, Whānau and Parenting Family Violence & Abuse Women/Wāhine

Te Puawaitanga O Te Ngakau: A Case Study of Westside Counselling Services in West Auckland

By: Fay Pouesi
Published: 2013-06-03

Te Puawaitanga O Te Ngakau: A Case Study of Westside Counselling Services in West Auckland A ‘Community of Care’ approach to working with Māori Women and their whānau who have…

Family Violence & Abuse Māori Social Services Whānau Ora Women/Wāhine

The effectiveness of services delivered by DOVE Hawkes Bay Inc (May 2013): Full report

By: Penny Ehrhardt, Gaylene Little, Maryanne Marsters, Geoffrey Nauer, Mandy Pentecost, Ariana Stockdale-Frost and Judy Wivell
Published: 2013-05-24

The DOVE Research Project came about after discussions between family violence intervention service, DOVE Hawkes Bay (DOVE) and the Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) about the high levels of family…

Health & Wellbeing Research & Evaluation Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

“You can never be on one side alone”: Some Young Somali-Kiwi Women’s Narratives about Identity, Resettlement and Community Development in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Emily Kathryn James
Published: 2013-01-01

This research investigates how young Somali women are navigating through the resettlement process while negotiating their own identities in Wellington, New Zealand. It is important as it addresses two main…

Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

Unholy Matrimony: Forced Marriage in New Zealand

By: Priyanca Radhakrishnan
Published: 2012-11-26

This study explores the issue of forced and underage marriage in Aotearoa New Zealand. It documents the stories of survivors of actual and threatened forced marriage. It also records the…

Family Violence & Abuse Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

Contesting Representations of Refugee‑Background Women (and Men) as ‘Needy’ and ‘Problematic’ in Healthcare Literature in Aotearoa New Zealand: Advancing the Case for a Capability‑Driven Model

By: Kristine Ford
Published: 2012-01-01

This research analyses how power operates discursively within the western biomedical model as it pertains to the representations and treatment of refugee‑background women (and men) in Aotearoa New Zealand. It…

Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

Resettlement Experiences of Burmese Women from Refugee Backgrounds in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Una Kamri-McGurk
Published: 2012-01-01

The resettlement experiences of Burmese women from refugee backgrounds living in Wellington are the focus of this thesis. Increasing numbers of people are being resettled worldwide, so it is important…

Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Non-profit Sector

Doing it for ourselves and our children: Refugee women on their own in New Zealand

By: Ruth De Souza and Jill Conway
Published: 2011-12-14

Little is known about the experiences of women who enter New Zealand through the Women at Risk category identified by UNHCR. The purpose of this project was to examine the…

Families, Whānau and Parenting Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine

Developing Community Support Services to Empower the Waikato Endometriosis Community

By: Dr Pauline Dickinson, Dr Penelope Carroll (SHORE) and Annette Evans (Insight Endometriosis
Published: 2011-07-31

The experience of living with endometriosis is, for many women, very challenging. A fortunate few find sympathetic doctors, relatively quick diagnosis and treatment, and uncomplicated recovery. They are able to…

Health & Wellbeing Social Services Women/Wāhine
People and Society

The Girls’ Project

By: Dr Donna Swift
Published: 2011-01-01

The Girls’ project, a two-year investigation of girls’ use of violence and anti-social behaviour, which was conducted in the Tasman Police District between August 09 and August 11. The goal…

Peace, Violence & Conflict Resolution Women/Wāhine
People and Society

The effect of third way style ‘social development’ on women in community development

By: Aimers, J
Published: 2010-08-05

New Zealand organisations that are engaged in community development practice to empower women are disadvantaged under neo-liberal and third way style policies of the New Zealand Government. Recent research has…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Women/Wāhine

Stigma and Women Living with HIV: A Co-operative Inquiry

By: Jane Bruning
Published: 2009-02-02

This thesis explores the impact of stigma on women in New Zealand living with HIV through the use of co-operative inquiry, an innovative, participatory, action-based and somewhat revolutionary, research method.…

Health & Wellbeing Women/Wāhine

Forgotten Women: A study of women and homelessness in Auckland, New Zealand.

By: Kate Bukowski
Published: 2009-01-01

There are women who are not in permanent safe or secure homes in New Zealand. Their houses are damp, cold and unsafe. The violence and poverty these women face means…

Homelessness Women/Wāhine
Non-profit Sector

Borders, margins and bridges: Possibilities for change for marginalized young women

By: Robyn Munford, Jackie Sanders
Published: 2007-01-01

ABSTRACT ONLY: This paper interrogates the notion of exclusion with a particular focus upon the experiences of young women.

Ethnicity and Diversity

Motherhood, Migration and Methodology: Giving Voice to the “Other”

By: Ruth DeSouza
Published: 2004-09-01

This paper discusses the need for multi-cultural methodologies that develop knowledge about the maternity experience of migrant women and that are attuned to women’s maternity-related requirements under multi-cultural conditions. Little…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine

The Implementation of the Domestic Violence Act 1995: A Report from the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges

By: Sheryl Hann
Published: 2004-01-01

This report examines the Domestic Violence Act including protection orders. The report highlights advocates’ concerns that the Act is not working effectively 10 years after it was passed.

Family Violence & Abuse Social Services Women/Wāhine

Maori Women and Work: The Effects of Family Violence on Maori Women’s Employment Opportunities

By: Tania Pouwhare
Published: 1999-01-01

This report is on the effects of family violence on employment opportunities for Maori women. Maori women’s employment is affected through their partner coming to their workplace and creating scenes,…

Employment & Labour Family Violence & Abuse Women/Wāhine
People and Society

Gifting – and the Consequences of its Absence

By: Katherine Peet
Published: 1994-03-01

As more and more activities – housework, childcare, looking after the sick and the old – become monetised and institutionalised, the values that allow people to provide services to one…

Philanthropy Volunteering & Mahi Aroha Women/Wāhine
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