Music is an art, whose medium is sound organized in time, however, playing music could make the listener a happier person as it releases pleasurable hormones and increases dopamine levels.
Relaxing music is helpful for students with their stress and anxiety, thus leads them to study more efficiently.
The study design is a cross-sectional descriptive to determine the effect of music on medical students’ life generally and academically. The study was conducted at Karary University medical students during a period of study from December 2019 to February 2020 with a total number of 235 students who were selected using a non-probability purposive sample technique. Data collected using a structured questionnaire and analyzed using a statistical package for social studies (SPSS) computer programme.
According to the result of data collection, most medical students listen to music and not ready to abandon listening to it, with a percentage of only 26% of students think it is waste of time. The study shows that music increases productivity and reduces stress anxiety. Also to have the maximum benefit of the music you are better to listen in intervals between studying.
As a stressful field; medical students should be aware of the stress-relieving properties of music if used in the right place and time.


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Hamza A., Aya A., Ashraf G., (2007). The effect of music on medical students’ life generally and academically in Karary University. January 2020. Sudan

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