Background: Medicines are the most common medical intervention and medicines adherence is associated with improved clinical outcomes. Understanding drivers and experiences of medicines adherence is important for optimising medicines use. Māori (Indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand) experience inequities in access to medicines yet little evidence exists regarding Māori and medicines adherence, or the role of pharmacists in supporting medicines adherence for Māori.
Objectives: To explore Māori experiences of medicines adherence and non-adherence, and pharmacists’ role in supporting adherence.


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The Māori Pharmacists Association and National Hauora Coalition
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Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy
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Māori Pharmacists Adherence Medicine
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Joanna Hikaka, Nora Parore, Robert Haua, Anneka Anderson, Mariana Hudson, Brendon McIntosh, Kevin Pewhairangi, Rachel Brown,
Māori, pharmacists, and medicines adherence – A mixed methods study exploring indigenous experiences of taking medicines ‘as prescribed’ and mechanisms of support,
Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy,
Volume 7,
ISSN 2667-2766,

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