People living with epilepsy or unexplained seizures (PLWS) can have very different lived experiences. Epilepsy New Zealand (ENZ) is a
leading advocacy, support, and training association in Aotearoa New Zealand for PLWS.

ENZ partnered with Melde and Huber Social to undertake an opportunity assessment to better understand the self-reported holistic needs most predictive of increased wellbeing in the lives of people affected by epilepsy.
ENZ had particular interest in better understanding the experiences of Māori to support planning for and delivery of more equitable services.

Over six and a half weeks, 430 people contributed to this study including 307 PLWS and 123 caregivers.
Within this total, there was a contribution from 76 Māori respondents (18% of total cohort).
Participants included people both engaged and not yet engaged with ENZ.

This report presents results from this wellbeing opportunity assessment undertaken. It presents findings through three wellbeing snapshots
including the overall cohort of people living with seizures, overall carer cohort and an individual snapshot of Māori respondents.
This report additionally details insights to maximise wellbeing for those affected by epilepsy.
Findings show shared themes across both PLWS and caregiver groups, including many parallels between areas of strength, challenge, and need.


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The report was created by Melde and Huber Social, who were commissioned by Epilepsy New Zealand.
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Epilepsy New Zealand
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Epilepsy. Wellbeing. Seizure. Caregiver.
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Melde and Huber Social (2025) Epilepsy New Zealand Wellbeing Opportunity Assessment Report. Kirikiriroa Hamilton, Epilepsy New Zealand.

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