Somewhere to Live: Exploring solutions to the housing affordability crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Jenny McArthur
Published: 2020-02-14

Aotearoa New Zealand is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis, with the effects disproportionately felt by younger generations, single-parent households, Pacific Islanders, and Māori. Housing speculation, fuelled by…

Economics & Finances Housing Insecurity Policy Poverty and Inequality
Public Health

Hauora Kotahitanga – Māori health experiences as models for co-operative co-existence between indigenous and non-indigenous people

By: Lisa Chant
Published: 2013-05-09

This thesis examines the relationships forming between the worlds of Māori and non-Māori peoples through hauora Māori. The purpose of this study is to examine Māori experiences of the development…

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Tino Rangatiratanga: How Self-determination Can Heal a Broken Village

By: Barbara Gilbert
Published: 2013-01-07

This is a powerpoint presentation and resource to understand the link between In-determination and self-determination, violence and abuse, and the breakdown and recovery of the whanau/family unit.

Kaupapa Māori Policy Te Kaāwai Ora
Economic Development

Tipping the balance: An analysis of the impact of the Working for Families Policy on Māori Whānau.

By: Dr Heather Gifford, Dr Amohia Boulton, Sue Triggs, Professor Chris Cunningham
Published: 2012-11-01

NZ’s Working for Families (WFF) policy introduced in 2004 aimed to address, amongst other things, the poverty faced by low-income working families. While WFF has been evaluated, little evidence exists…

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Public Health

Kei te pēwhea tō whānau? Exploring Whānau Well-being through the Māori Social Survey

By: Tibble, A & Ussher, S
Published: 2012-10-12

Kei te pēwhea tō whānau? Exploring whānau using the Māori Social Survey describes how the Māori Social Survey 2013 (Te Kupenga) will study whānau and whānau well-being. This report explains…

Māuri Ora Policy Whānau Hapu Iwi
Whānau Ora

Kia Rite Kia Ora – Pilot Programme Evaluation What have we learned?

By: Kinnect Group
Published: 2012-07-25

A powerpoint presentation on Kia Rite Kia Ora (2012) is a pilot whanau ora health intervention.  This powerpoint summarises some of the results.

Policy Programmes

Reducing Inequalities: Analysing the Effect of Government Policy on Whānau Ora

By: Dr H. Gifford and Dr A Boulton
Published: 2012-06-01

The research discussed in this report to the Health Research Council (HRC) was commenced in February 2009 and completed in February 2012. Whakauae Research for Māori Health and Development (WRMHD)…

Frameworks Policy Programmes
Whānau Ora

Making Work Pay: Policymakers Perspectives on ‘Working for Families’

By: Dr Amohia Boulton, Dr Heather Gifford
Published: 2011-11-15

The paper focuses on preliminary analysis of the first set of data collected, namely key informant interviews conducted with policy makers involved in the development of the Working for Families…

Families, Whānau and Parenting Policy
Economic Development

Implementing Working for Families: the impact of the policy on selected Māori whānau

By: Dr Amohia Boulton, Dr Heather Gifford
Published: 2011-09-03

This paper presents an analysis of the qualitative data collected for a study investigating the effect of the Working for Families policy on Māori families’ self-reported whānau ora (family wellbeing).…

Policy Programmes
Economic Development

Factors that help or hinder Community Economic Development.

By: Meenakshi Sankar and Karen Wong
Published: 2003-11-01

The purpose of this paper is to look back over the three years of Community Economic Development Action Research (CEDAR) project and share some of the learnings with policy makers…

Closing The Gaps Community Development Policy
Ethnicity and Diversity

Systemic Racism: Refugee, Resettlement, and Education Policy in New Zealand

By: Louise Humpage
Published: 2001-07-02

Public policy in New Zealand increasingly makes reference to “inclusion of diversity,” “equality,” and “equity.” Yet refugees resettling in New Zealand continue to experience systemic racism based on the application…

Education & Training Migrants and Former Refugees Policy
Public Health

He Waka eke Noa – Health and Disability sector NGOs: Towards a whānau-centred approach 2010

By: Sharmaine Nolan
Published: 2010

The Health and Disability sector NGOs working group identified the current and potential contribution of NGOs to Whānau Ora. This paper recognises that sector NGOs are already maximising their contribution…

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