Non-profit Sector

2021 New Zealand Cause Report

By: John Morrow & John McLeod
Published: 2021-09-30

The 2021 New Zealand Cause Report is a reference resource for Aotearoa New Zealand’s multidimensional charitable and broader for-purpose sector, and is a follow on from the 2017 Cause Report.…

COVID-19 Non-profit Sector Philanthropy
Non-profit Sector

A Scan of the Local Issues Social Service Providers are observing in Communities & their Organisations during Lockdown 2.0

By: SociaLink
Published: 2021-08-01

SociaLink asked social service providers via our newsletter and in discussion at the Managers forum to share what issues they are observing in the community and any issues their organisations…


How to Talk About Covid-19 Vaccinations: Building Trust in Vaccination, A Guide, 2021

By: The Workshop: Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw and Jordan Green
Published: 2021-08-01

This guide is intended to provide knowledge and insights to those creating communications and working alongside whānau, aiga, magafoua, famili, vuvalue, utu, kopu tangata and members of the community who…


Status of the Volunteering Sector: Post-COVID Recovery and Resilience

By: Volunteering New Zealand
Published: 2021-05-01

This report provides an update on the status of the volunteering sector as at May 2021. Our work draws on data collected via stakeholder feedback, a focus group with Volunteer…

COVID-19 Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
Ethnicity and Diversity

Te Kaikiri me te Whakatoihara i Aotearoa i te Urutā COVID-19: He Aro Ki Ngā Hapori Haina, Āhia Hoki. Racism and Xenophobia Experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand during COVID-19: A Focus on Chinese and Asian Communities

By: Nielsen
Published: 2021-02-01

The key research objectives were to understand the following: • The prevalence, nature, and pattern of racism and xenophobia experienced by people in the COVID-19 context, particularly among Tangata Whenua,…

Asian COVID-19 Racism
Ethnicity and Diversity

RASNZ Refugee Resettlement and Support Services in the Auckland Region: A Study in the Era of COVID-19

By: Dr Annette Mortensen
Published: 2020-12-02

The study describes multiple systemic barriers to former refugee groups receiving adequate and equitable support in New Zealand health, housing, income support, education and social services. Access to services is…

COVID-19 Migrants and Former Refugees Social Services


By: Belong Aotearoa
Published: 2020-12-01

Amplifying voices of our marginalised communities enables diverse perspectives and experiences to be heard and therefore help shape our understanding of issues and solutions that are truly transformative and regenerative.…


Spillover effect of COVID19 on the Global Economy

By: Hasnan Baber
Published: 2020-11-02

The pandemic of COVID19 has disrupted every aspect of life. From groceries to medicines, travel to events, sports to funerals, economics to politics and religion to social rights all domains…


RASNZ COVID-19 Response Study: Remote Psychosocial Service Provision to Former Refugee and Asylum Seeker Communities in Auckland During Lockdown

By: Anette Mortensen
Published: 2020-08-24

This study was commissioned to capture the experiences of Refugees as Survivors New Zealand (RASNZ) clinical and community services as they responded to COVID 19; and to understand the impact…

COVID-19 Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees

Revisioning State-Society Relationships in a Pandemic: New Zealand’s Response to Covid-19

By: Naomi Simon-Kumar, Rachel Simon-Kumar and Monique Jonas,
Published: 2020-08-03

In this paper, we examine the factors that contributed to New Zealand’s initial success, highlighting the distinctive state-society mandates that were forged through the response. We also reflect, briefly, on…

COVID-19 Health & Wellbeing

Time to Shine COVID-19 Impact Community Survey Report

By: Centre for Social Impact, Hui E! Community Aotearoa, Philanthropy New Zealand, Volunteering New Zealand
Published: 2020-08-01

A survey of Aotearoa New Zealand’s community sector on the impacts of COVID‐19: This report details the findings of a national COVID‐19 impact survey carried out across the Tangata Whenua,…

Community Development COVID-19 Māori
People and Society

Shaping the Future

By: Inspiring Communities
Published: 2020-07-15

The COVID-19 pandemic is an extraordinary challenge that has required extraordinary solutions. Harvesting and documenting the extraordinary, to distill what we now know possible, lies at the heart of this…

Community Development COVID-19

Research Briefing: The experience of volunteers during COVID-19

By: Volunteering Australia
Published: 2020-05-18

Volunteering Australia commissioned the Australian National University (ANU) Centre for Social Research and Methods to undertake analysis of the experience of volunteers during COVID-19 to date. Their analysis draws on…

Public Health

Progressive Thinking: Ten Possible Futures for Public & Community Services

By: Dr Amohia Boulton and Deb Te Kawa
Published: 2019/07/01

While the COVID-19 crisis has reminded us of how underprepared the world was to detect and respond to emerging infectious diseases, it simultaneously revealed how well-placed and effective institutions in…

COVID-19 Māuri Ora Whānau Hapu Iwi
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