This guide is intended to provide knowledge and insights
to those creating communications and working alongside
whānau, aiga, magafoua, famili, vuvalue, utu, kopu tangata
and members of the community who may have hesitations
or ambivalence about getting vaccinated.

In this guide we:
– help you understand the foundations that underpin vaccine hesitancy
– describe eight techniques and tools to effectively address vaccine
hesitancies – pick and choose from these based on the hesitancies
driving concerns in your community
– show you these techniques in use already
– provide some tools and templates to help you use the findings.


Creator | Kaihanga
The Workshop: Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw and Jordan Green
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Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA
Keywords | Kupu
messaging; framing; communication; messaging; COVID-19; COVID-19 vaccination;
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