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Upside Youth Mentoring Aotearoa: A thematic analysis of routinely collected interviews with mentors, young people, and young people’s whanau

By: Gareth Terry (Principal Author), Guy Collier, Christine Cummins, & Professor Nicola Kayes
Published: 2020-09-02

Upside Youth Mentoring Aotearoa is a community mentoring organisation specialising in the formation of supportive relationships between volunteers and young people aged between 9 and 13 years. A key focus…

Children & Youth Mentoring
Non-profit Sector

The Impact of Stars on Peer Mentors

By: Julie Moore
Published: 2015-08-17

A cohort of senior students attending five New Zealand secondary schools operating a peer mentoring programme were followed for 24 months. The aims of this project were to evaluate their…

Children & Youth Community Development Mentoring
People and Society

Overview of the Supervision Policies and Practices in Smaller Social Services organisations in the Hamilton Area

By: Gill Overmire
Published: 2006-01-02

Compare and contrast supervision policies and practices in smaller non-profit social service organisations in Hamilton, find out whether there is a best practice model of supervision for social workers working…

Mentoring Social Services
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