Upside Youth Mentoring Aotearoa is a community mentoring organisation specialising in the
formation of supportive relationships between volunteers and young people aged between
9 and 13 years. A key focus for the organisation is an ongoing commitment to delivering
excellent quality and tailored mentoring to young people. This document reports on a
research project developed in consultation between Upside and the Centre for Person
Centred Research at Auckland University of Technology to help further enhance their
mentoring programme.


Creator | Kaihanga
Gareth Terry (Principal Author), Guy Collier, Christine Cummins, & Professor Nicola Kayes
Year of Creation | Tau
Publisher | Kaiwhakaputa
Creative Commons Licence
Attribution-NoDerivatives CC BY-ND
Keywords | Kupu
mentoring, youth, Aotearoa, New Zealand, volunteer mentors,
Main Language | Reo Matua
Submitter's Rights | Nga Tika o te Kaituku
This resource is in the public domain
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Terry, G., Collier, G., Cummins, C., & Kaye, N. (2020). Upside Youth mentoring Aotearoa. A
thematic analysis of routinely collected interviews with mentors, young people, and
young people’s family. Auckland, New Zealand: Centre for Person Centred Research,

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