Anagotus fairburni Monitoring Orua Wairua

By: Blumine Island Team 2018
Published: 2018-05-12

6 years ago, 74 flax weevils (Anagotus fairburni) and 100 Cook Strait giant weta (Deinacrida rugosa) were translocated from Maud Island and released over 2 sites across Oruawairua. One site…

Environment Research & Evaluation Science
People and Society

Curious Classrooms 2014-2015 – A brief summary report. (Dec 2nd 2015 Todd Foundation)

By: The National Science Technology Roadshow Trust
Published: 2015-12-30

An experiment which resulted in better partnerships between schools and science providers, and more ‘wow’ science experiences in classrooms. The Todd Foundation recently completed its Curious Classrooms project with a…

Children & Youth Education & Training Science
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