Arts and Culture

The Art of Social Connection: Exploring Former Refugee and Host Society Integration via a Collaborative, Participatory Painting Project in Wellington City

By: Amber Kale
Published: 2017-07-31

In light of the global humanitarian crisis, a climate of fear has arisen around refugees which is often exacerbated by the media perpetuating misinformation and negative stereotypes. Such misrepresentation is…


I just want to be myself: Rethinking Pacific climate change adaptation

By: Janie Walker
Published: 2020-12-01

After completing nine months cross-context research in Eastern Fiji, I wrote my Master’s thesis to answer this question: To what extent do local concerns, with regard to climate change, inform…

Action Research Climate Change
Ethnicity and Diversity

Participatory Action Research (PAR) with Assyrian Youth

By: Laura Armstrong, Amanda Leathers, Philippa Collie, Haji Koshin, Felicity Blakely, Marcela Markland, Phillip Pithyov, & Edwar Eshow.
Published: 2005-10-03

This report documents the experience of a group of researchers who started a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project with the Assyrian Youth community in Wellington. The objective of the project…

Action Research Children & Youth Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

HOMEWORK CLUB: Strengthening Refugee Youth Achievement

By: Homework Club; Victoria University Research Team
Published: 2009-12-15

This report is the product of a group research project carried out in partnership with Victoria University students, secondary school refugee students and the facilitators of the Homework Club. Set…

Action Research Education & Training Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

African Youth Health and Well-Being: Participatory Action Research Project

By: Evolve; Victoria University of Wellington
Published: 2005-10-03

This project aimed to strengthen the well-being of African Youth in Wellington by identifying issues they face, and developing strategies to address the issues. The project was implemented by Evolve,…

Action Research Health & Wellbeing

The Roles of Health and Health Care Services in Social and Cultural Integration of Ethnic Minority African Migrants: The Case of the Luo Community of Wellington

By: Samuel Judah Seomeng
Published: 2019-11-01

This research provides anthropological analysis into the intersection between migrants’ health, healthcare services, and the concept of migrant integration, focusing on the Luo community of Wellington as an ethnic minority…

Community Development Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees

Ongoing resilience from the ground up: A relational place based approach to grassroots community resilience

By: Raven Marie Cretney
Published: 2013-05-12

When the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, at 12.51pm on 22nd February 2011, the psychological and physical landscape was irrevocably changed. In the days and weeks…

Community Development Emergency & Disaster

Financial Reporting Stocktake: An Assessment of Accountability through Charities’ Filings on New Zealand’s Charities Register.

By: Carolyn Cordery and Kapil Patel
Published: 2011-03-18

This research was undertaken to assess the veracity of financial filings at the Charities Commission by charities which are “small” (expenditure less than ,000 pa) or “medium”-sized (expenditure between ,000…

Economics & Finances Non-profit Sector

Tax and volunteering: empirical evidence to support recommendations to solve the current problems surrounding the tax treatment of volunteers’ reimbursements and honoraria in New Zealand

By: Letisha Tan, David Dunbar, Carolyn Corde
Published: 2008-01-01

On 1 November 2007 the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Revenue asked for submissions on ways to simplify the law on the taxation of reimbursement and honoraria paid…

Economics & Finances Volunteering & Mahi Aroha

Managers Matter: Who Manages New Zealand’s Volunteers?

By: Dr Karen Smith, Dr Carolyn Cordery and Nicolas Dutton
Published: 2010-06-01

Volunteer managers/coordinators’ roles are of central importance to promoting and enhancing volunteerism, yet little is known about these workers: who they are, what they do, or how their effectiveness could…

Employment & Labour Volunteering & Mahi Aroha
Pacific Peoples

Sport and recreation in New Zealand Pasifika Communities

By: Gordon, B.A.,Sauni ,P.,Tugalu,C.,Hodis,F.
Published: 2010-11-30

Policy makers, and those intending to be influential around sport and recreation in Pasifika communities, need to make decisions and develop programmes that are culturally aligned and relevant. They should…

Pasifika Sport & Recreation
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