This report documents the experience of a group of researchers who started a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project with the Assyrian Youth community in Wellington. The objective of the project was to identify some important issues and challenges that Assyrian Youth face growing up in New Zealand.


Creator | Kaihanga
Laura Armstrong, Amanda Leathers, Philippa Collie, Haji Koshin, Felicity Blakely, Marcela Markland, Phillip Pithyov, & Edwar Eshow.
Year of Creation | Tau
Publisher | Kaiwhakaputa
Victoria University of Wellington
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives CC BY-NC-ND
Keywords | Kupu
Assyrian Youth, Participatory Action Research, Integration, New Zealand.
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Armstrong, L., Leathers, A., Collie, P., Koshin, H., Blakely, F., Markland, M., Pithyov, P., & Eshow, E. (2005). Participatory Action Research (PAR) with Assyrian Youth. Victoria University of Wellington: New Zealand.

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