Critical Tiriti Analysis

A Critical Tiriti Analysis of the recruitment and performance review processes of public sector chief executives in Aotearoa

Published: 0021-08-04

This paper examines the recruitment and performance review processes of public sector chief executives from 2000 to 2020 to ascertain Te Tiriti compliance. Methods: Recruitment and performance review templates were…

Ethnicity and Diversity

Mapping the communicative ecology of Latin American migrant women in New Zealand

Published: 2019-07-31

This article is based on a study that focused on the narratives of Latin American migrant women (LAMW) in New Zealand and the role formal and informal communication networks play…

Ethnicity and Diversity Media & Communications Migrants and Former Refugees Research & Evaluation

Struggling to be Involved: A grounded theory of Māori whānau engagement with healthcare

By: Dr Dianne Wepa, Dr Denis Wilson
Published: 2019-12-15

Discrimination faced by Māori whānau while they were seeking to improve their health is a constant struggle. Despite the many negative experiences, collective ownership or we-dentity contributed to their resolution…

Families, Whānau and Parenting Health & Wellbeing Kaupapa Māori approaches Māori
Law and Justice

Store robberies for tobacco products: Perceived causes and potential solutions

By: Marewa Glover, Robin Shepherd,* Hamed Nazari, and Kyro Selket
Published: 2021-12-16

In 2015, the media began to report with greater frequency that NZ convenience stores were being robbed for tobacco products. There are three reasons why this was shocking to the…

Addiction - Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling Crime & Safety

New Zealand Youth19 survey: vaping has wider appeal than smoking in secondary school students, and most use nicotine-containing e-cigarettes

By: Jude Ball, Theresa Fleming, Bradley Drayton, Kylie Sutcliffe, Sonia Lewycka, Terryann C. Clark
Published: 2021-10-14

New Zealand Youth19 survey: vaping has wider appeal than smoking in secondary school students, and most use nicotine‐containing e‐cigarettes Objective: To investigate smoking and vaping in secondary school students (aged…

Children & Youth Substance Abuse
Ethnicity and Diversity

Employable identities: Social and cultural capital in the narratives of former refugees

By: Dr Emily Greenbank
Published: 2021-10-07

Navigating the labour market in a new context can be a challenge for any migrant, and particularly so for former refugees, who are often unable to find employment appropriate for…

Employment & Labour Identity Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Othering and voice: How media framing denies refugees integration opportunities

By: Dr Emily Greenbank
Published: 2014-06-01

Mainstream media play a significant role in shaping public opinion in modern society. For refugees, misinterpretation (including associations with victimhood, foreignness and deviant behaviour) can hinder integration into New Zealand…

Language and Culture Media & Communications Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Vulnerability and capacities of international students in the face of disasters in Auckland, New Zealand: A qualitative descriptive study

By: Thorup-Binger C., Charania, N.A.
Published: 2019-10-01

Background International migration is a worldwide phenomenon, with an increased presence of international students (i.e., short-term migrants) residing in host countries for limited periods of time. Migrants may be exposed…

Education & Training Emergency & Disaster Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Vaccine-preventable disease-associated hospitalisations among migrant and non-migrant children in New Zealand

By: Charania, N.A., Paynter, J., Lee, A.C., Watson, D.G., Turner, N.M.
Published: 2020-04-01

Migrants may experience a higher burden of vaccine-preventable disease (VPD)-associated hospitalisations compared to the host population. A retrospective cohort study from 2006 to 2015 was conducted that linked de-identified data…

Children & Youth Immunisation Migrants and Former Refugees
Te Ao Māori

Making Relationships Count: Measuring Trust In Relationships Between A Catholic Development Agency And Māori Communities – Research Article

By: Gretchen Leuthart
Published: 2016-05-17

Relationships are central to effective outcomes in the international development sector yet, there are very few frameworks or indicators to help measure the quality of trust – as the foundation…

Community Development Partnerships Religion & Spirituality

What drives Women Leaders to Adopt an Authoritarian Model of Power? An Essay on Female Principals in Kenya

By: Caroline W. Kariuki
Published: 2004-01-09

Abstract There is ample evidence that a number of women leaders tend to adopt an authoritarian model of leadership. If I have found it necessary to question what drives women…

Education & Training Leadership


By: Wanjiru Kariuki
Published: 2013-04-02

EDUCATION: A RIGHT OR A PRIVILEGE? THE KENYAN PERSPECTIVE This study aims to facilitate debate about the State’s efforts in taking a rights-based approach in the education sector. The study…

Education & Training Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Ethnicity and Diversity

Global trends and refugee settlement in New Zealand

By: J Marlowe & S Elliott
Published: 2014-09-23

Resettlement provides access to rights similar to other New Zealanders and the opportunity to eventually gain citizenship. It also provides an avenue for countries like New Zealand to share international…

Government – Central & Local Human Rights & Civil Liberties Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Improving health equity among the African ethnic minority through health system strengthening: a narrative review of the New Zealand healthcare system

By: Blessing Kanengoni, Sari Andajani-Sutjahjo and Eleanor Holroyd
Published: 2020-01-30

In New Zealand, health equity is a pressing concern, and reaching disadvantaged populations has become the goal to close the inequity gap. Building and strengthening health systems is one way…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees Social Services
Ethnicity and Diversity

Chinese Migrants’ Mental Health and Adjustment to Life in New Zealand

By: Max W. Abbott, Sai Wong, Maynard Williams, Ming Au, Wilson Young
Published: 2000-10-21

Objective : The purpose of this study was to identify and assess the relative importance of predictors of the self-rated adjustment and psychiatric morbidity of recent Chinese migrants. Method: Chinese…

Health & Wellbeing Mental Health Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

‘Yes, we can; but together’: social capital and refugee resettlement

By: S Elliott & I Yusuf
Published: 2014-09-23

Resettled refugees need a network of relationships to ensure they can live meaningful lives in New Zealand. These relationships are complex and exist between individuals and communities at local and…

Community Development Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Social Policy Journal of New Zealand Issue 37 Te Puna Whakaaro. Chapter ‘Health”. Public Health System Responsiveness to Refugee Groups in New Zealand: Activation from the Bottom Up.

By: Annette Mortensen
Published: 2011-06-01

Issue 37 of the Social Policy Journal of New Zealand comprises research papers on a wide range of topics with implications for policy across the social sector. Research relating to…

Community Development Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Cultural case workers in child disability services: an evidence-based model of cultural responsiveness for refugee families

By: A Mortensen, S Latimer & I Yusuf
Published: 2014-08-11

The medical/disabled category for quota refugees selected for resettlement in New Zealand allows entry to those who have either a medical condition that can be treated or helped in New…

Children & Youth Disability Migrants and Former Refugees

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Implications for ED Care in Auckland, New Zealand

By: Nicola Young, MPH, MPhil (Hons), RCpN, Dip Ed, RCpN, and Annette Mortensen
Published: 2003-08-29

The increasing use of emergency departments by refugee and migrant groups reflects the shifting ethnic composition of central Auckland. Refugees are different from other immigrants and from low-income families in…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees Research & Evaluation
Ethnicity and Diversity

Refugee-focused service providers: improving the welcome in New Zealand

By: Alison McIntosh and Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten
Published: 2018-05-07

When refugees are resettled into a destination, refugee-focused service providers offer frontline services to ease refugees’ experiences of trauma and marginalisation, providing advocacy and welcome through reception processes, translation services,…

Human Rights & Civil Liberties Migrants and Former Refugees Social Services
Ethnicity and Diversity

Motivational factors for African immigrants into small business activities in Auckland New Zealand

By: Olufemi Muibi Omisakin
Published: 2017-10-05

Immigrant entrepreneurs play an important role in their host countries’ economies. They contribute to national economies by starting up and running small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These make up 97%…

Economics & Finances Employment & Labour Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity


By: Olufemi Muibi Omisakin
Published: 2018-01-07

Migration is the movement of people from one geographic location to another. It can be either domestic or international. This study focuses on international migration. Individuals or groups who decide…

Migrants and Former Refugees

Recycling of Beverage Containers in New Zealand: Critical Analysis of Existing Status and Proposed Best Practices

By: Omisakin Olufemi and Jyoti, R.
Published: 2019-09-27

Environment conservation is one of the primary concerns of most countries in the modern world because of the continuous increase in environmental degradation and the resulting pollution. Environmental pollution has…

Community Development Environment
Ethnicity and Diversity

Wellness for all: the possibilities of cultural safety and cultural competence in New Zealand

By: Ruth DeSouza
Published: 2008-04-01

Responses to cultural diversity in nursing need to consider the theory and practice developments of the profession, whilst also responding to broader social and historical process that prevent marginalised groups…

Health & Wellbeing Language and Culture Māori

Role of School-Based Absenteeism Data in Surveillance and Prediction of Flu Season

By: Hammad Akram
Published: 2018-03-16

One of the important parts of public health surveillance is to track flu (influenza) and similar respiratory conditions. School-based surveillance of flu or influenza-like illness (ILI) is critical as children…

Education & Training Health & Wellbeing

Experiences of grandparents raising grandchildren in getting income support from work and income offices in New Zealand

By: Dr Liz Gordon, Pukeko Research Ltd
Published: 2017-04-08

Grandparents raising grandchildren in New Zealand are entitled to the unsupported child benefit (UCB) if they meet the conditions for eligibility. To access the support, they are required to attend…

Ageing & Retirement Children & Youth Welfare & Benefits
Non-profit Sector

Can community development practice survive neoliberalism in Aotearoa New Zealand?

By: Aimers, J & Walker, P.
Published: 2015-11-17

This article discusses the development and contested nature of community development practice and the effects of neoliberalism on community development in Aotearoa New Zealand. We describe how community development has…

Community Development Governance & Kaitiakitanga
Ethnicity and Diversity

Seekers and Magic: the search for spirituality in the Rainbow Temple. NSW, Australia

By: Ron Fogel
Published: 2009-07-03

The Rainbow Temple in NSW, Australia is a spectacular site in a sense that a complex array of cultural and religious behaviours occur. Based on ethnography and fieldwork in the…

Religion & Spirituality
Whānau Ora

Developing a Kaupapa Māori Framework for Whānau Ora

By: Erena Kara, Veronique Gibbons, Jacquie Kidd, Rawiri Blundell, Kinigi Turner, Wayne Johnstone

Te Korowai has been developed from seven interconnecting themes raised by hui with kaumatua and represents the concepts and practicalities of Whānau ora. Te Korowai looks at the individual while…

Kaupapa Māori Māuri Ora Te Kaāwai Ora
Economic Development

Implementing Working for Families: the impact of the policy on selected Māori whānau

By: Dr Amohia Boulton, Dr Heather Gifford
Published: 2011-09-03

This paper presents an analysis of the qualitative data collected for a study investigating the effect of the Working for Families policy on Māori families’ self-reported whānau ora (family wellbeing).…

Policy Programmes
Arts and Culture

Out of the Blue: the dark side of creative enterprise

By: Bronwyn Boon, Deborah Jones & Bradley Curnow

ABSTRACT ONLY: This article examines a situation where a group of local residents resisted a film being made. The film is “Out of the Blue” and the residents are from…


Developing a Kaupapa Maori Framework for Whanau Ora

By: Erena Kara, Veronique Gibbons, Jacquie Kidd, Rawiri Blundell, Kinigi Turner, Wayne Johnstone
Published: 2011-01-01

Te Korowai has been development from seven interconnecting themes raised by hui with kaumatua and represents the concepts and practicalities of whanau ora. Te Korowai looks at the individual while…

Health & Wellbeing Kaupapa Māori approaches Whānau Ora

Coherence Needed: The Good Intentions report to government on government-community sector relationships.

By: Pat Hanley
Published: 2009-01-01

In 2001 the government signed a Statement of Intent for an improved relationship with the community and voluntary sector (SOGI). In 2008/09 the Association of Non Governmental Organisations of Aotearoa…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Non-profit Sector
Te Ao Māori

A Research Ethic for Studying Maori and Iwi Provider Success

By: Pipi, K & Cram, F & Hawke, R & Hawke, S & Huriwai, TM & Mataki, T, & Milne, M & Morgan, K & Tuhaka, H & Tuuta, C,
Published: 2004-12-01

This paper explores how kaupapa Maori practices were operationalised within Maori and Iwi Providers. It examined the practices of successful Maori and iwi (tribal) providers of services and/or programmes across…

Education & Training Kaupapa Māori Māori
People and Society

Meta-analysing community action projects in Aotearoa, New Zealand

By: Alison Greenaway, K Witten
Published: 2005-03-11

This paper reports on a meta-analysis of ten community action projects. The activation, consolidation and transition or completion stages of the projects were examined to identify commonalities in structures and…

Community Development Research & Evaluation Social Services
Te Ao Māori

Tangata Whenua, the Treaty and the New Zealand Digital Strategy

By: Robyn Kamira
Published: 2007-04-02

With the release of New Zealand’s Digital Strategy in in 2005 and its Draft Content Strategy, came the opportunity to identify their potential impact on the Indigenous Peoples of Aotearoa.…

Governance & Kaitiakitanga Information Technology/Internet Māori Te Tiriti O Waitangi
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