Social factors on health subject of national study

healthcare in Canada

“The role poverty, housing and other social factors play in a person’s health is coming under scrutiny as the Canadian Medical Association looks for public input into the social determinants of health.”
This is the second phase of a large scale project, looking into the social factors on health, begun two years ago. They’re looking into:
“the health of Canadians and their communities through a broader lens. We’re looking at factors that influence the health of individuals and communities, such as income, early childhood development, housing and access to healthy food. How do these factors – known as social determinants – affect your health or the health of your community?”
Dialogue topics cover:

There are some fascinating dialogues beginning, including:
Researchers have established the relative influence of factors that determine health outcomes, finding that:

  • Physical environment determines 10% of health outcomes;
  • Biology and genetics determine 15% of health outcomes;
  • The health care system determines 25% of health outcomes;
  • Social and economic factors determine 50% of health outcomes.

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