Ethnicity and Diversity

Race, Racism and Everyday Communication in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Revell, E. Papoutsaki, E. & Kolesova, E.
Published: 2014-09-30

This essay is based on theories of ‘new racism’, which explain how race and racism continue to play an integral role in our lives, but in subtle and often hidden…

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Integrating volunteering cultures in New Zealand’s multi-hazard environment

By: Dr Andrea Grant, Mary Hart and E. R. (Lisa) Langer
Published: 2019-07-01

In New Zealand, the social contribution of volunteers exceeds 270 million hours per year. Volunteer participation is a vital component of emergency services activities, particularly in rural settings. Fire and…

Emergency & Disaster
Ethnicity and Diversity

Perceptions of Community Safety in West Auckland

By: Moore, C. W., Bridgman G., Moore C. E. and M. Grey
Published: 2017-05-31

Community Safety is relevant at both individual and community levels. This research report is about perceptions of safety which is different from an objective measure of changing crime rates, or…

Community Development Crime & Safety Government – Central & Local
Ethnicity and Diversity

Developing a code of ethics for therapeutic interventions with animals

By: Walker, P & Tumilty, E.
Published: 2015-05-24

Animal assisted activities (AAA) are increasingly being seen as an important part of the range of interventions in the helping professions including social work. Whilst a code of ethics has…

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