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Two webinars are available from Pro Bono Australia in March;  Social Media 201 and Social Enterprises: How to Make Ideas Work. 
Pro Bono Australia is an online hub for those engaged with not for profit communities.

Social Media 201

20th Mar 2014 at 14:00 (Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time)
60 minutes
Cost: $45 (includes a full copy of full video and audio of webinar) 
Presented by Richenda Vermeulen of Ntegrity
In this ‘social media 201’ session, Richenda will discuss the digitalisation of fundraising and its affect on the customer loyalty loop. Using examples of new technologies and platforms, she will discuss how social media is an important part of the fundraising process, how digital platforms are changing, and why paid digital promotion is necessary. Finally, Richenda will discuss risk mitigation and the importance of developing a practical strategy to deal with mistakes online.

Social Enterprises: How to Make Ideas Work

27th Mar 2014 at 14:00
60 minutes
Cost: $45 (includes a full copy of full video and audio of webinar) 
Presented by Hayden Raysmith (social entrepreneur, co-founder of Australia Communities Foundation and an adjunct professor at RMIT University)
Although not new, social enterprise has emerged as a popular concept and a business model. It embraces Not for Profit and for profit organisations where they have an over-riding social and/or environmental purpose, but it can also be an instrument for contributing to the sustainability of existing service providers.
Quintessentially it is a self sustaining demand-driven model of service delivery. It has a strong outcome focus and embraces consumer choice and market forces. It sits comfortably with notions of consumer empowerment with market mechanisms used to drive efficiencies, ration services and shape the delivery system.
Hayden Raysmith will share his experience across government, community and the private sectors in knowing where to start, what questions to ask and how to plan for success.
Find more information about both webinars here.
For more about Pro Bono Australia, click here.
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