CPAG: Myths and Facts: Sole Parents and the DPB


A Child Poverty Action Group Background Paper
Virginia Dale
A new report has been released: Myths and Facts about DPB Recipients.
This report provides arguments to “unpick the myths” such as:

  • Breeding for a business
  • More money won’t help
  • Paid work will solve poverty
  • The DPB pays more than the average female worker’s wage
  • Welfare traps people in poverty
  • DPB is a lifestyle and a lifetime choice
  • Compulsory work preparation courses lead to jobs
  • Welfare causes poverty and illness
  • If you are on DPB you are ripping off the system
  • Raising children as a sole parent is not work
  • DPB separates children from their fathers
  • DPB is a dream solution for women and their children

Read the full report here.

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