Third National Survey of New Zealand's Young People

youth survey

This latest national survey, completed in 2012, is the third in this series and is complemented by surveys with students in Alternative Education and Teen Parent Units, and with school staff. Together they paint a rich and compelling picture of the health and development of young New Zealanders from across our country and across diverse communities and ethnicities.
Some key findings include:

  • marked reduction in tobacco, alcohol and drug use by young people
  • schools are improving support systems for students to keep them engaged in education
  • caring and supportive families
  • reduction in risky driving behaviours
  • high numbers of young people who are emotionally distressed and bullied
  • high numbers of young people are exposed to violence
  • high numbers of young people are overweight

The report looks into the following areas, comparing the results back to 2001 and 2007:

  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Home and Families
  • School
  • Health and Access to Healthcare
  • Nutrition, Exercise and Activities
  • Substance Use and Gambling
  • Gender Identity Sexuality and Sexual Health
  • Community and Contribution
  • Motor Vehicle Risk Behaviors and Violence

Download the report here.

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