Annette Rotherham

Measuring conversational success with couples where one person has aphasia. I ma carrying out this research as a PhD through the University of Queensland, but as I am based in Aotearoa, I am working with the communities here and with those who have had stroke and aphasia- a language condition that impacts on communication after brain injury.

Key Publications:

“We just thought that this was Christmas”: perceived benefits of participating in aphasia, stroke, and other groups
March 2015Aphasiology 29(8):1-18 Follow journal
DOI: 10.1080/02687038.2015.1016887
Project: Masters Thesis: the benefits of group participation for people with aphasia and their family members
Annette Rotherham, Tami Howe, Gina Tillard

Perceived Benefits for Family Members of Group Participation by Their Relatives with Aphasia
December 2016Clinical Archives of Communication Disorders 1(1):62-68
DOI: 10.21849/cacd.2016.00059
Annette Rotherham, Tami Howe, Gina Tillard

Ethnic Group
New Zealand European
Masters Degree, All Researchers
Area of Expertise
Non-profit Sector, Education & Training, Health & Wellbeing, Disability - whaikawa
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