Youth19 – Youth Voice Brief

By: The Youth19 Research Group
Published: 2020-08-12

For the first time in a Youth2000 survey, Youth19 included open text questions inviting students to express their own views on key issues. In this brief we summarise their responses…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation

Local Authorities and Community Engagement on Climate Change Adaptation

By: Jule Barth, Sophie Bond, & Nicolle Vincent
Published: 2019-05-31

This report explores how regional and territorial authorities in Aotearoa New Zealand currently understand their role in climate adaptation, to what extent they are currently fulfilling that role, and how…

Climate Change Community Development
Ethnicity and Diversity

Spirituality, Culture and Place: The Rainbow Temple in NSW, Australia

By: Ron Fogel
Published: 2009-02-10

This Research is about the Rainbow Temple in Byron Shire, NSW, Australia. The diverse belief systems and the symbolic behaviours practiced and described by people who live at the Rainbow…

Language and Culture Religion & Spirituality
People and Society

The Discipline & Guidance of Children: A Summary of Research

By: Smith, Anne B., Gallop, Megan, M., Taylor, Nicola J., Marshall, Kate A.

This summary of a review of research commissioned by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in 2003, is intended to provide parents and professionals with important information about the effects…

Children & Youth Families, Whānau and Parenting
People and Society

Relocation Following Parental Separation: The Welfare & Best Interests of Children

By: Dr Nicola Taylor, Megan Gallop, Prof. Mark Henaghan
Published: 2010-06-01

The modern world is characterised by an increasingly mobile population as family members transfer or relocate nationally and/or internationally to pursue new career or lifestyle opportunities. How positive this decision…

Children & Youth Families, Whānau and Parenting
People and Society

Ethical Issues in Undertaking Research with Children & Young People: International Literature Review

By: Dr Mary Ann Powell. Dr Robyn Fitzgerald. Assoc Prof. Nicola Taylor. Prof. Anne Graham.

There is a significant body of literature concerning ethical issues in undertaking research with children and young people. It covers a broad range of ethical issues, concerning both the nature…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation
People and Society

Building Capacity for Ethical Research with Children and Young People

By: Dr Mary Ann Powell, Dr Nicola Taylor, Dr Sally Newell, Professor Anne Graham, Dr Robyn Fitzgerald
Published: 2011-03-01

This report presents the findings from the Childwatch project. To the best of our knowledge it is the first international project of its kind to identify and explore the ethical…

Children & Youth Research & Evaluation

New Zealand Index of Socioeconomic Deprivation for Individuals

By: Salmond, C., King, P., Crampton, P. and Waldegrave, C.
Published: 2005-03-18

The aim of this research was to identify indicators of an individual’s deprivation appropriate for all ethnic groups, that can be combined into a single and simple index of individual…

Poverty and Inequality
Non-profit Sector

Structures and Strategies Revisited 2008

By: Aimers, J and Walker, P.
Published: 2008-01-01

Narrative research project that interviews five community development/social service providers in 2002 and again in 2008. The interviews focus on organisational practice such as funding and networking.

Community Development Grants, Funding, Contracts & Fundraising Social Services

Structures and Strategies: a narrative analysis of eleven community organisations in Otago

By: Aimers, J and Walker, P.
Published: 2003-01-01

This research project was initiated in 2001 to explore the governance and organisational practices of 11 diverse community organisations in Dunedin. The themes explored within the study are the life…

Community Development Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
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