Ethnicity and Diversity

The economic integration of women refugee entrepreneurs in NZ

By: Zhiyan Basharati; Nadeera Ranabahu; Huibert P. d Vries
Published: 2021-03-31

‘The economic integration of women refugee entrepreneurs in NZ’ is Chapter 5 in the book ‘Women and Global Entrepreneurship: Contextualising Everyday Experiences’ available online at the link below. This chapter…

Migrants and Former Refugees Women/Wāhine
Ethnicity and Diversity

The New Zealand Refugee Resettlement Strategy: implications for identity, acculturation and civic participation

By: Jay Marlowe, Allen Bartley, A. Hibtit
Published: 2014-08-20

The process of resettlement as a refugee often involves adapting to, and reconciling with, a new social reality. The complexities associated with acculturation across age, gender and family dynamics are…

Community Development Law & Justice Migrants and Former Refugees
Arts and Culture

Out of the Blue: the dark side of creative enterprise

By: Bronwyn Boon, Deborah Jones & Bradley Curnow

ABSTRACT ONLY: This article examines a situation where a group of local residents resisted a film being made. The film is “Out of the Blue” and the residents are from…

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