Sport Otago completed a needs assessment to identify the physical activity needs and aspirations of priority groups in the Waitaki District (Waitaki) who have inequitable access to physical activity opportunities and to improve their ‘voice’ around the decision-making table. These groups include Māori, Pasifika, and disabled communities.

To ensure that the community needs assessment is undertaken in a culturally responsive manner, Sport Otago has worked collaboratively with Kaupapa Māori and Pasifika researchers in developing this application as well as Sport Otago’s coordinator in Waitaki (Philippa Sutton) who lead the findings. The information is being used to inform the development or re-development of new or existing initiatives to meet the needs and aspirations of those groups and to increase access around the decision-making table. It is is an evidence based report that will allow for change to happen within the Waitaki and ensure that everyone can enjoy the physical, mental, social, and cultural benefits of physical activity.


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