Non-profit Sector

Counting on Capacity: A Review of Community Waikato

By: Garth Nowland-Foreman & Katarina Pipi
Published: 2009-09-21

How do we measure or report on the impact of capacity building? This review reports on the effectiveness and ‘value for money’ of a community capacity building hub (Community Waikato),…

Community Development Non-profit Sector Research & Evaluation
Arts and Culture

Investing in Capacity: A Review of Arts Waikato and Social Services Waikato

By: Garth Nowland-Foreman
Published: 2017-09-01

This review found that support for capacity building is useful, and enables the funder (in this case Trust Waikato) to increase its impact in the community, enhance non-profit sustainability, and…

Arts & Culture Non-profit Sector Social Services
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