Community Assets Analysis for Greater New Brighton – New to the Kete

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Community Assets Analysis for Greater New Brighton – New to the Community Research kete!
This research project has been undertaken by Sarah Wylie on behalf of Renew Brighton for the community of Greater Brighton. It is an Appreciative Enquiry and is to be used to create an asset map and in the development of a community-led recovery plan.
The greater New Brighton Community has experienced significant change post-quakes. Renew Brighton has developed locally alongside other community organisations as a project group committed to a positive future for the greater Brighton community.
In response to the lack of up-to-date demographic and service information on the community Renew Brighton sought funding to enable the group contract a strengths-based community analysis research project. Engaging the services of a social researcher to work alongside a working group, in a collaborative community-led research process. This asset analysis was intended to focus on assessing the strengths of Brighton, and identifying the characteristics and values of the Brighton population. The research also sought to identify gaps in the community and on the basis of this information, provide guidance to assist with planning to meet present and future needs.
Download the paper here.

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