Glenn Inquiry announces NZ experts to join think tank

Owen Glenn’s pledge to contribute $80 million to addressing child abuse and family violence and fund a Commission of Inquiry is a welcome relief to a sector overburdened with work and under-resourced.
The Glenn Inquiry website states: “Child abuse and domestic violence are two of New Zealand’s most pressing problems. In fact we have unacceptably high rates of both child abuse and domestic violence”
The Inquiry Panel will be assisted by a Think Tank – a networked group of 36 International and local creative thinkers and subject matter experts:

Glenn Inquiry announces NZ experts to join think tank

The Glenn Inquiry into child abuse and domestic violence has announced 23 New Zealanders who will join the 13 international members selected for its ‘Think Tank’. The Think Tank will be an informal networked group providing expertise throughout the inquiry process. Inquiry Director Ruth Herbert said, “I’m thrilled to have a mixture of academics and front line people from a GP to a social worker to community workers to those in advocacy roles.”
The Inquiry aims to produce a blueprint, which will be a model for the future that will answer one fundamental question ‘If New Zealand was leading the world in addressing child abuse and domestic violence what would that look like?’
A panel will be appointed after information gathering phase, which the Think Tank members will be heavily involved in.
Article from New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse.
Details of the Think Tank members are available on the Glenn Inquiry website here.
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