Before You Upload Research

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your taonga with us. We will treat your research with the utmost respect it deserves.

Benefits of uploading your research

  • You pass on what you’ve learned to benefit others.
  • You can be found by those with an interest in your field.
  • Your knowledge is permanently safe.

Forms of research we accept

We accept all forms of research, evaluations, reports, studies, dissertations, conference papers, case studies, theses and documentation including multimedia/digital files.  We accept mid-way and non-peer-reviewed research.

See our Website Terms and conditions.

What are Creative Commons licenses?

Creative Commons licensing is an established framework for people to share knowledge and creativity with the world, and be clear how other people can use it. For more details see

Step by Step Instructions for Uploading Research

Click here for Step by Step instructions for Uploading your Research.

If you have problems, please contact us and we can help.

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