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This is a community site. We ask that all visitors and contributors take care to post content, comments and otherwise use the website in ways that are consistent with our kaupapa.

Content disclaimer

The focus of the website is on promoting quality research by and for communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This website contains content that was not produced by Community Research. We are not responsible for third-party content and we do not necessarily endorse the views expressed. We accept no liability or responsibility for the way that such information is interpreted or used, or the results of its use.

To ensure kaupapa Māori researchers can be confident sharing and publishing material on this website particular care is taken to follow tikanga.

To maintain this focus, please note we do not accept:

  • material which breaches the Human Rights Act, e.g. racist, sexist or homophobic content
  • adult or offensive content
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  • exploitative or commercially unethical content
  • political party promotion
  • material which infringes copyright.

Any content that is considered inconsistent with our purpose and guidelines will be removed.

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Linking to this website

You are welcome to link to pages on this website. Contact us to provide graphical, text and hyperlink information. Linking to this website from any other website is not necessarily an endorsement of any kind by Community Research.

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