£5.95: Social Value for Young Persons’ Services by a Charity Working with the Homeless


A study using the Social Return on Investment methodology has found that a leading charity working with homeless young people in the UK returns £5.95 for every £1 invested.
Porchlight works with isolated and vulnerable people in their community, they provide access housing and related support services. Their vision is for a society without homelessness or poverty.
This report is specifically focused on their work with youth through their Young Persons Service. They work with young people aged between 16 – 21 years, providing supported accommodation and one-to-one personal support to help them to achieve education, employment, future independent living and other outcomes.
Social impact consultancy, CAN Impact, completed the evaluation.
“It is forecasted that in the 2013/14 financial year, every £1 invested in Porchlight’s YPS will likely produce £5.95 of social value, within a confidence range of £4.30p – £7.60p. This is the equivalent of approximately £86,000 of social value per YPS user in 2013/14 on total inputs of approximately £15,000 per YPS user.”
Find the full report here.

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