Working with schizophrenia: Pathways to employment, recovery and inclusion

working with sch

Bevan, S., Taskila, T., Steadman, K., Gulliford, J., Thomas, R., & Moise, A.
Lancaster: The Work Foundation. (UK)
“Even though most people with schizophrenia are willing and able to work, this group encounters one of the lowest employment rates among all disadvantaged groups. Only 8% of people with schizophrenia are currently in employment.  The report examines the impact of schizophrenia on an individual’s ability to enter or remain in the labour market, outlining how such barriers can be addressed by policymakers, employers, healthcare professionals as well as those with the condition and their carers.
The report captures:
• the impact of schizophrenia, including quality of life and work capacity;
• societal attitudes that aid or prevent employment opportunities;
• interventions that may help improve labour market participation;
• policy recommendations.”
Read the report here

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