The Hidden Abuse of Disabled People Residing in the Community: An Exploratory Study

the hidden abuse

The hidden abuse of disabled people residing in the community: An exploratory study
Roguski, M. (2013, June 6). Prepared for Tairawhiti Community Voice.
In the first instance, the study was inspired by a growing awareness of the abuse of disabled people living in the New Zealand community. Next, while international research has highlighted that disabled people are vulnerable to an array of abuse by family members and those outside of the family charged with their provision of care, no such research has been conducted in New Zealand.
This report begins with a literature review.
It defines the types of abuse and then exposes the structures that maintain the status quo:

  • Low levels of disability awareness
  • Silencing
  • Monitoring of service provision-related abuse
  • Poor managment practice and a lack of professional standards
  • Reporting
  • Service fragmentation
  • Legislation

It closes with recommendations (p54)
Find the report here

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