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The Young Foundation venture Social Innovation eXchange (SIX) is growing up and has spun out as an independent organisation. 
“SIX is now the world’s primary network for social innovation and a reputable source of research, action and intelligence. With more than 6000 members across six continents, SIX connects, inspires and supports individuals and organisations.
SIX is now the world’s primary network for social innovation and a reputable source for research, action and intelligence.
We work with cities, national governments, and international bodies such as the European Commission to improve the methods with which our societies find better solutions to challenges such as climate change, inequality and healthcare. We foster genuine, active connections between the people building innovative solutions, from the grassroots to the policymaking level. By promoting learning across sectors, fields and countries, and by communicating and disseminating ideas about social innovation, SIX builds the capacities of its members and enables them to work together to develop resources for social innovators around the world.
The global SIX network is, fundamentally, a unique convener of people, and ideas.  Members of our network are determined, vital, and active, putting great projects on the map, aggregating social innovation resources from diverse sources, and generating a strong shared intelligence. The SIX global community, in which people can share openly and learn from one another, has itself become an invaluable resource for its members. Online and offline, we have collaborated successfully with members to curate experiences which bring together practitioners, entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers and private companies for the benefit of all.”
You can search their website by category or by country (New Zealand is included).
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