Review of physical activity interventions in child/adolescent mental health

“promoting PA [physical activity] appears to improve determinants of mental health, such as depression, global self-worth and self-efficacy.”

mental health promotion

A review of physical activity interventions on determinants of mental health in children and adolescents
Maria Camero, Colleen Hobbs, Melissa Stringer, Paul Branscum & E. Laurette Taylor 
Health and Exercise Science, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA
The article begins by outlining the recommendations for physical activity for youth – children between the ages of 6 and 17 years are to participate in at least an hour of moderate to vigorous aerobic physical activity every day. The benefits of exercise are well known: reduce in risk for obesity-related diseases and the  psychological benefits, including improved mental health, attention, focus, mood, sense of self-image, autonomy and social health. The article goes on to state that less than half of children meet this level and that physical activity declines with age.
With the increasing prevalence in psychological problems (anxiety, depression etc.) and the association of exercise with improved mental health, this review: “focused on interventions that investigated a relationship between PA [physical activity] and measures of mental health among children and adolescents. From this review, it can be concluded that PA does have a positive and significant effect on such measures. “
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