John Godfrey

I am a philanthropy and fundraising consultant and an independent researcher with international experience.
My main research interests are elite philanthropy and philanthropy outside the Western traditions.

A book chapter in press is ‘Pro-social Giving, and Reciprocity in the Global South’. Two current papers under review are ‘Applying a Western theoretical model to non-Western elite philanthropy’ and ‘Elite philanthropy: how do we understand the givers? A review of current empirical research. My PhD was from Swinburne University, Melbourne for an investigation of elite philanthropy in India.

Now based in Aotearoa New Zealand, I provide consultant advice to the arts, education and health sectors.

Ethnic Group
New Zealand European
Certificate or Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree, PhD or Doctorate, Post-Graduate Diploma
Area of Expertise
Non-profit Sector
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