Irene Ayallo

Dr Irene (is a Registered Social Worker) teaches social work and community development at Unitec in the social practice field. Her teaching and practice in this field is significantly informed by Irene’s interdisciplinary (multidisciplinary) background and knowledge, having undertaken research and practiced in a range of areas. These have included: extensive work in HIV and AIDS prevention and care, primary sexual violence prevention, gender-based violence (specifically Intimate Partner Violence), pastoral care and counselling to tertiary students, research methods and data analysis on a range of topics, and work with marginalised groups (including migrant and refugee background communities).
Prior to teaching at Unitec, and after completing her PhD in 2012, Irene has been involved (professional roles) in a number of tertiary institutions in New Zealand. Irene is of migrant background, born in Kenya and migrated to Auckland in 2006. Her experiences as a migrant, initially as an International student and now a Permanent Resident’ provokes Irene’s interests in researching and practicing with people of migrant and refugee background.

Ethnic Group
Certificate or Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree, PhD or Doctorate, Post-Graduate Diploma
Area of Expertise
Ethnic Migrant and Former Refugee

Key Publications

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