Evangelia Papoutsaki

Evangelia Papoutsaki, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Dept of Communication Studies, Unitec, in Auckland, Research Associate at the Pacific Media Centre/AUT and Editor in Chief of ePress (Open Access online publishing house). Her professional background and research interests are on communication for development and social change, community development, international communication and social media, oral history, education and curriculum development, migrants/diasporasm publishing and media. She has extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region, including work with NGOs and educational institutions in Central Asia and Caucasus, a position as Head of Communication Arts Department at DWU in Papua New Guinea and involvement in major research projects [i.e. research advisor to Komuniti Tok Piksa project that uses visual methods for community dialogue and change in the context of HIV/AIDS in PNG; Chief investigator in an regional research consortium that conducted a 14 Pacific Islands State of the Media and Communication research project including issues on youth, health, climate and emergency communication systems, media content, training and education ]. She was the co-founder of the Contemporary PNG Studies Journal and Reviews Editor of the Pacific Journalism Review and has published three edited volumes on Pacific and PNG communication issues.

Ethnic Group
PhD or Doctorate
Professional Memberships
CIVICUS, World Alliance for Civic Participation (voting member) International Association of Mass Communication Research (IAMCR) Australian Association for the Advancement of Pacific Studies (AAAPS) Media, Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) Small Islands Research Association (SICRI) New Zealand Communication Association (NZCA)
Area of Expertise
Non-profit Sector, Research and Evaluation, Mentoring, Immigrants/ Migrants & Refugees, Human Rights & Civil Liberties, Pasifika, Education & Training, Community Development, Cultural Diversity, Asian, ICT Information & Communication Technology, Poverty & Wealth, Media & Communications, I offer Research & Evaluation Mentoring
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