This Indigenous Collaborative Research (ICR) investigates with the community agency, Warrior Against Violence Society, how culturally-based healing practices provide a more comprehensive and thus more effective method to assist Aboriginal communities struggling with family violence. Cultural practices involving storytelling, honouring ceremonies, youth groups, Elder wisdom, natural environment, and transference of culture signify aspects of tradition integral to Aboriginal health.


Creator | Kaihanga
Donna Lester-Smith
Publisher | Kaiwhakaputa
Author, PhD Dissertation
Keywords | Kupu
Aboriginal, Indigenous, Health, Community, Research, Collaboration
Main Language | Reo Matua
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I am the author / creator of this resource
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been peer reviewed by academics at a university
Bibliographic Citation | Whakapuakanga

Lester-Smith D.M.(2012). “Hope for Change-Change Can Happen”: Healing the Wounds of Family Violence with Indigenous Traditional Holistic Practices. (Doctorate Dissertation, The University of British Columbia).

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