Ethnicity and Diversity

‘Marking time’: Experiences of successful asylum seekers in Aotearoa New Zealand

By: Alia Bloom, Tim O'Donovan, & Martine Udahemuka
Published: 2013-12-03

This research explores the extent to which successful asylum seekers are able to participate in Aotearoa New Zealand life by documenting the experiences of 18 people who have been recognised…

Community Development Migrants and Former Refugees

‘People with refugee backgrounds can do the job.’ Refugee-background experiences of employment in Wellington.

By: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
Published: 2012-05-23

Obtaining meaningful employment – adequately remunerated, fulfilling employment that is commensurate with a person’s skills and qualifications – is a high priority for people from refugee backgrounds, as it is…

Employment & Labour Migrants and Former Refugees

Barriers to achieving good health outcomes in refugee-background communities

By: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
Published: 2011-06-16

The aim of this report is to increase understanding of the health requirements of refugee-background communities. Like many communities whose members are predominantly from low socio-economic backgrounds, former refugees face…

Health & Wellbeing Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Victoria University of Wellington – Supporting refugee – background students to achieve their goals

By: Cedric Horner, Shana Khan, Kathryn Paton
Published: 2006-11-01

This report summarises findings from a participatory action research project that determined what support systems are currently available to refugee-background students at the Victoria University of Wellington, and how these…

Action Research Education & Training Migrants and Former Refugees
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