National Associations Experiences in improving the terms of engagement with government: Pacific Experiences

By: Pat Hanley, Stella Maebiru-Boki
Published: 2008-01-01

This is a joint paper describing and assessing initiatives undertaken by ANGOA in New Zealand and DSE in the Solomon Islands to improve the ability of NGO’s to interact effectively…

Government – Central & Local Non-profit Sector

Let History be the Judge: or sex, drugs and jelly rolls.

By: Pat Hanley
Published: 2009-05-08

Paper presented to the Annual Conference of Diabetes NZ.Assesses the role of Civil society and organisations like Diabetes NZ as agents of social and moral change. Draws on 250 years…

Advocacy Health & Wellbeing

Coherence Needed: The Good Intentions report to government on government-community sector relationships.

By: Pat Hanley
Published: 2009-01-01

In 2001 the government signed a Statement of Intent for an improved relationship with the community and voluntary sector (SOGI). In 2008/09 the Association of Non Governmental Organisations of Aotearoa…

Community Development Government – Central & Local Non-profit Sector

Damaged Goods: The Case of Focus 2000 and the failure of Contracting

By: Pat Hanley
Published: 2006-08-01

The radical contracting model by which some government departments purchase services from community based organizations serving people with disabilities has directly contributed to the failure of service provision.

Disability Grants, Funding, Contracts & Fundraising Non-profit Sector
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