Ethnicity and Diversity

Young people from refugee backgrounds as a resource for disaster risk reduction

By: J Marlowe, R Bogen
Published: 2015-07-01

Young people from refugee backgrounds represent an important resource for disaster risk reduction within their respective communities. This paper presents a qualitative study with young people from refugee backgrounds and…

Emergency & Disaster Migrants and Former Refugees
Ethnicity and Diversity

Global trends and refugee settlement in New Zealand

By: J Marlowe & S Elliott
Published: 2014-09-23

Resettlement provides access to rights similar to other New Zealanders and the opportunity to eventually gain citizenship. It also provides an avenue for countries like New Zealand to share international…

Migrants and Former Refugees Government – Central & Local Human Rights & Civil Liberties
Ethnicity and Diversity

‘Yes, we can; but together’: social capital and refugee resettlement

By: S Elliott & I Yusuf
Published: 2014-09-23

Resettled refugees need a network of relationships to ensure they can live meaningful lives in New Zealand. These relationships are complex and exist between individuals and communities at local and…

Migrants and Former Refugees Community Development
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