New report from Te Puni Kōkiri – Understanding whānau-centred approaches

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Te Puni Kōkiri report on Whanau Ora (2010-2016) focused on strengthening provider capability to design and deliver whanau centered approaches.

The following is an excerpt from their Executive Summary:

The terms ‘Whānau Ora approach’ and ‘whānau-centred approach’ refer to a culturally grounded, holistic approach focused on improving the wellbeing of whānau (families) and addressing individual needs within a whānau context. Government health and social services for Māori have not typically been designed to take a whānau-centred approach, focusing instead on individuals and single-issue problems. As a result, delivery of services to whānau has often been fragmented, lacking integration and coordination across agencies and social service providers, and unable to address complexities where several problems coexist.

The Taskforce on Whānau-centred Initiatives (and subsequently the Whānau Ora Initiative) was developed to address these challenges, place whānau at the centre of service design and delivery, and empower whānau as a whole.

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