Millennial Survey Findings

Some interesting findings having come from Deloitte’s third annual Millennial Survey.
“The questionnaire focused on the role business plays in society; its objectives, impact and outcomes; the responsibility of business and government and how well each is addressing the challenges faced by society; the potential impact of new technologies and innovation; and how businesses help people to bring out new ideas and develop their leadership skills.”
millennial survey infographic
The survey shows that millennials care about making a difference and that business goals should include improving society, in addition to financial performance.
Key subjects were innovation, technology, positive impact, government doing more, business doing more and nurturing future/innovative thinkers.
Some interesting stats include:

  • 63% of millennials donate to charities
  • 43% actively volunteer or are a member of a community organisation
  • 52% have signed petitions
  • 50% of millenials want to work for a business with ethical practices

Find the Millennial Survey here.

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