Making Art With Communities: A Work Guide

making art

A positive piece of work from a collaboration between VicHealth, Arts Victoria and Castanet: 

“Collaborations between artists and communities can result in extraordinary creative works and extraordinary social, educational and community strengthening outcomes.”

This resource:

  • Outlines the community-based arts approach
  • Provides links and resources around arts in the community
  • Outlines how to properly respect and acknowledge participants (including ethical considerations and a code of conduct)
  • Talks about processes and practices for engaging with the community, and provides links and resources for doing this
  • Outlines the value of working with professional artists
  • Takes you through developing the project concept (determining stakeholders, outcomes and timelines)
  • Goes through managing the project
  • Goes through managing the stakeholders
  • Goes through managing the budgets and resources
  • Provides a brief overview of managing events
  • Goes through closure of a project (evaluation, funding reports, dissemination of results etc.)

With case studies dispersed through the document, this is worth a read, find it here.

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